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12/8/11 12:59 AM
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 you're blacked out, apparently you go outside and fall down knocking two of your teeth out.  Does drunky mcdrunkpants have a case against the bar for serving him shots for the last 6 hours or no?
12/9/11 3:15 PM
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Depends. Google dram shop laws. Varies by state. Been a long time, but I thought, even where state law allows liability, it might be limited to liability to third persons--e.g., drunkie runs over your kid.
11/10/13 7:21 PM
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Off the cuff, I think the typical standard is whether drunky mcdrunkpants was "visibly intoxicated" when the bar served him.

As Fake Pie said, it could also be limited to third persons, but I am not positive.