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4/23/13 5:34 PM
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what is the best/easiest way to go about trying to collect a money judgement?

a while back my dad was terminated from his job and his last paycheck was withheld so he took the employer to the labor ward court and won a money judgement against them but he is unsure of how to collect it.
4/23/13 7:39 PM
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What state are you in?

Does your state labor department (assuming they have one) have any online help or advocates that can help him?

The basic answer is you can garnish his employers earnings and/or bank account (easiest) or try and seize their property (harder). The procedures for doing so vary.

Has he tried sending them a letter demanding payment? That may shake them loose?
4/23/13 9:09 PM
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the state is California.

i believe my parents tried to garnish his employers bank account before by filing a writ of execution with the local court and having a sheriff serve it but were unable to locate the account.

they did try send a demand of payment letter as well but never heard anything back.
4/24/13 6:59 PM
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You can file for a judgement debtor hearing to find out where the employer banks