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OK This is the story as I understand it.

One of my B.A.C.A. Brother has been separated from is wife for several years but they never actually got a divorce. (Dont ask me why I dont know) They have a daughter.

The little girl lived with her mom back in 2009 when she was 2, apparently the mom was not very attentive and maybe not the best mother and so my Bro's mom flew to Claifornia and picked up the little girl and brought her back to Texas to live with her father. (My bro)

Everything is fine for several years mom even came to Texas and stayed at my Bro's place. this was several months ago.

Sometime between then and now there were issues with mom, and Dad stopped letting her have access, she began making posts on facebook about how she was going to take her daughter back.

On thursday she did just that, she drove to Texas from California, and while the little girl was doing one of her chores which was taking some trash to the dumpster, with her dad's girlfirend watching her she pulled up and started to talk to her. My Bros girlfirned sees this and yells for the little girl to come back in the house and as she starts heading to the car the mom jumps out grabs the little girl sticks her in the car and hauls ass.

We all start looking everywhere for her and friday a tip comes in that she has not yet left Texas but is a t a wal-mart. My bro and his dad and his brother head out to find her they see her leaving and follow her.

When she finally stops for gas my bro runs over and gets his daughter.

They are in a gas station with a gravel parking lot.

The mother charges at my bro who pushes her away she falls, gets back up and charges again and gets pushed down again and then charges him a third time this time he pushes her and she does not fall.

Mom fwiiw is not some frail woman she trains and has had at least one mma fight.

Cops show up paramedics show up cause she has scratches from falling in the parking lot.

The little girl is in the dads car with his brother, the cops tell him that as soon as they get this cleared up he will be ale to go and take his daughter home.

After almost an hour the female paramedic comes over talks to the cop and the arrest my bro for assault and domestic violence. They take his daughter out of the truck and drag her screaming and make her get in moms car and let mom leave for California.

What do you make of the situation? Is this parental kidnapping? if so are the cops accessories to this?

What are his chances of getting his daughter back?