OtherGround Forums Employer withdrew money from my acct? legal?

1/24/13 7:41 AM
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So I was suppose to get my 2012 bonus the first week of January but the payroll company forgot to issue the transaction so my company electronically transfer the money ($8,000) into my account and basically told me it was an advance that my bonus would be paid on the next payroll and they would back out the advance. Well in the mean time we had a falling out and I gave notice. So yesterday on payday they were suppose to issue the bonus and reverse the previous transaction, basically the 2 transactions would wash. But these fuckers only reversed the "advance" withdrawing the money from my account calling the payment a mistake and repayment for the advance and didn't issue the bonus and said since I quit before it was technically paid I'm not entitled to it even thought I have all the documentation I earned it. Is that even legal and should I fight it or say fuck it?
2/8/13 11:51 PM
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when you sign up for direct deposit, there is always fine print that gives the company paying you the right to make additions or deductions from your account without your consent to correct a mistake. this is precisely why i never use direct deposit. but i have no idea what amount of salary/bonus you should be entitled to for work through your termination date...thats a separate issue.
2/26/13 12:27 PM
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In California, that would not be legal, assuming that you did in fact do everything requred to earn the bonus. When it is "paid" is irrelevant, what matters is when it is "earned."