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9/5/17 12:35 AM
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I have a few consultations set up for next week, but I'm just looking to see what I can expect and what my chances are once the shit goes down.

9/5/17 11:33 AM
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I have had two phone consultations this morning and was told the same thing on both.  She's done enough terrible shit that I would most likely get majority custody, but she has no criminal record and no history of physical violence against our kids so it's pretty much impossible for me to get sole custody.  Texas has a 100 mile law, so I am stuck in this shit hole state for the next 11 years if I want to be involved in my kid's lives.  FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

1/1/18 10:43 AM
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Don't worry about the 100 mile thing for now. Focus on custody. Be careful what you put in writing and be the nicest human being imaginable in any and all correspondence. 

Make sure you select a lawyer that has a vision for your child's future both short term and long term.

Don't lie about anything. Tell the truth, especially to your lawyer. Tell him or her the best and worst things you've done as a parent so there are no surprises.

Hang in there.