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10/5/12 4:24 AM
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My brother whom is a "give the shirt off his back" sort of guy, recently has had a run of the worst luck I can imagine.

His wife of 15 years bounced becase he was laid off of a job he held for 20 years. She started (with his help) a home-based daycare business and insisted on a strict budget where he was given an allownce basically.

After a few months of unemployment and looking for a job, he was beginning to struggle. one day after a good interview and a couple meet and greets, he came home to find the house was empty. about to call his wife, he noticed a letter from her, it said she simply had enough and traaveled accross country to be with her sister / father (start a new life). she said she realized what this may do to their kids but hope someday they would understand.

he didn't press charges for child abandonment (not wanting to permanantly damage any potential for a future relationship). he also didn't call the polic regarding 100% of the stuff she stole. an entire house full of stuff!

wose yet, she managed the bills by not paying any of them. he found this out as the power went off as did the water two days after she left. finally an eviction notice was posted and he realized she had been pocketing the money to start her new life.

he left and got a new apartment. finally he landed a job that paid "so so". the family decorated it pretty nice and he's been semi happy since then (6 months ago).

just when things are looking up, he gets pulled over and the officer notifies him he has a suspended license. why? he has no idea. showing up to court to find out, he discoveres he has a "bench warrant" for missing a court date apparently his ex filed divorce and he either didn't get the notification, or lost it in all of the chaos (or threw it away in denial).

anyway, a nice judge dropped the "bench warrant", however said "even though i am giving you your license, you need to get to the DMV ASAP to get it reinstated." that was last week. every day this week he's tried and some shit has come up. today, headed to grab dinner from a fast food place 2-blocks from his apartment and he ran into a stopped car. not sure if he was distracted or what, but he said he just thought the guy was moving until he was too close then smash. although the paramedic strongly urged that he go with them due to half his face hanging off, they allowed a family member to "rush him to an ER". I did that and through his protest, he was seen by a doctor who sticthed him up and sent him on his way. meanwhile he got several tickets including a driving on a suspended license.

my question: is this a serious enough charge whereby he should show up with legal counsel? i just can't handle watching him go through any more shit and i heard that causing an accident while driving on a suspended license can equal jail time (although his case is somewhat unique in that the judge gave it back to him, he hadn't yet reinstated it at the DMV). this would be the end as jail time may mean kids go live with their mom, and they are basically what gets him out of bed.

i'm willing to pay for the atoorney for him IF it's something that an attorney could greatly impact. if it's a simple matter of reinstating his license before the court date and calling it good, i'll save the $$.

any information is appreciated as this dude can't buy a break and is living proof that nice guys finish last!
10/5/12 6:35 PM
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Your guy needs to see an attorney about the charge AND the shit with his ex-wife. Honestly he sounds like he may be depressed or something, I understand bad breaks but he's letting way to much stuff slip by.
10/19/12 3:20 PM
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Jesus, the bottom dropped out of this guy's life! He is not doing all he could to help matters though.

Are the kids with him? I am presuming so.

Understand, every state is different and every county within each state is also different in how they handle matters.

Does he qualify for a public defender? Im guessing he might if he is unemployed and has children. If he does qualify, he should vigorously pursue at least meeting with a PD and seeing what will likely happen. Since sooooo much is at stake and things are sooooo fucked up, IMHO he needs to meet with an attorney who does criminal work regularly (PD or private, it doesn't matter). He really needs to get with an attorney that handles divorces as well. This cunt is self-centered, deceptive, and malicious. In short, I find her as dangerous as a cocked gun.
12/31/12 9:39 PM
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What state is he in?