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3/1/14 4:22 PM
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Hi folks:

I was wondering if anyone here has experience working as a patent agent or patent lawyer. I graduated in September 2013, and I'm thinking about taking the patent bar exam. After reviewing my undergrad transcript, I think I have enough courses to satisfy the eligibility requirements. I was a premed in a non-science/engineering major, and I was also in medical school for a bit less than a year.

I have some general questions about the field, if anyone is willing to discuss by PM.

Thank you.
4/4/14 5:17 PM
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Trust is THE authority on this and most other thing IP on the OG

4/19/14 2:43 AM
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Feel free to pm me
4/20/14 12:39 PM
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Hey Divinity, thanks for the response. I just sent you a request.