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4/29/13 12:57 PM
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So I'm considering having one of my AK's SBR'd and I'd like to get the tax stamp put under a trust as opposed to an individual since I'm in the military and have to move alot. It would also enable me to put my wife (and later, son) as trustees simplifying transfer to them in case anything ever happens to me. Anyway, I've been told that so long as my life in legally simple I could get away with using Quicken WillMaker to set up the trust.

Can any lawyers verify this or wiegh in...
5/2/13 7:03 PM
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I personally wouldn't use the software because the potential liability for your loved ones is pretty severe.

In a practical sense, it might not matter, but I'm a worse case scenario kind of planner and I wouldn't want my loved ones taking the fall because I left them an SBR and fucked up the trust or the stamp.

I would go with an attorney who is well-versed in both trusts and firearm laws.