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1/1/13 2:31 AM
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I know this is the OG but I dont know the specifics of posting here but please hear me out. I dropped off a rifle at this guys house " Rob Sheperd Custom Gun Builder " in Brownsville Oregon three months ago to have a target barrel put on, a trigger job, and have it glass bedded. He quoted me 6 to 8 weeks. He failed miserably. After 12 weeks i had to go pick up my rifle with the explanation that " He didnt have the tools to do the job" He didnt have the knowledge or the tools to remove the barrel of my mini 14 and put a target barrel on it and he didnt even bother doing to trigger job or the glass bedding.....does anyone know what to say?? He didnt even call me, i had to call him to find out he was and idiot.....
1/2/13 7:03 PM
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What are your damages? Besides being deprived of the use of your gun for that time.
1/16/13 12:41 PM
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shoot him
2/1/13 12:08 PM
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Are you actually out any money?

Leave a bad review on every website that lists him.