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4/1/16 12:12 PM
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need some help. any body have any ideas how to write up a contract that can be signed by both people , making a sextape . To guarantee it cant be leaked or show to public? And if one person leaks it , the other can easily sue.

Ive filmed me and past girlfriends /FWB before. Just thinking it be easier and faster to get filming new girls , with a contract

Thanks dudes
4/23/16 1:34 AM
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nobody ?
5/26/16 2:03 AM
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6/6/16 4:58 PM
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Be sure to have a color photo of your penis superimposed on the contract
8/11/16 12:07 AM
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Google NDA (non-disclosure agreements) and make sure the tape is specifically referenced as confidential information. At the very least it will help in getting an injunction if you need it down the road. You can try to add a liquidated damages clause (google it), but it may not uphold in court if you ever needed it.


You my need to add consideration (the bargained for exchenge in the contract), which would be a mutual agreement to keep the tape confidential.


And I need to see the tape to verify ... I just want to see the tape.