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7/11/12 12:52 PM
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Hey guys, been living in Winston since 2006, and when I moved here I quit training. I'm looking to get back into it.

Are there any good gyms in town or near here? Someone told me about Evolution MMA but they are closed now (which is a shame because it looked nice).

I also heard about American Martial Arts Academy, but someone told me that the instructor quit and that it is run by students now (could be rumor).

I'm more interested in BJJ and grappling than striking, but wouldn't mind a place where i could get both, obviously.

Thanks for any advise anyone can give me.
7/12/12 9:44 PM
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Go to AMAA. There are 2 black belts there, a few browns, and a total of like 200 students. Plus there is a 24 hour gym with good equipment. Its a great community.

I trained there, and I am a 2010 mundial and pan am champion, and am also a black belt.
7/17/12 11:48 PM
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Thanks for the reply!

I will check it out. 200 students? Wow.
10/9/12 2:54 PM
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You can check out Eight Points Muay Thai. They have BJJ & Muay Thai plus an MMA fight team.