UnderGround Forums Need a BJJ School Around Raleigh

4/24/14 7:02 AM
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I'm going to be in the Raleigh area the last week of June and I may have some free time a day or two so I'm looking for a place to train if at all possible.
5/31/14 12:23 AM
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Gracie Raleigh - Downtown Raleigh
Forged Fitness - near Capital Blvd

Those are two of the best gyms in Raleigh & they have good BBs that teach their classes. I'm sure you can drop in to either of them for the week without a problem. Good luck.
6/1/14 9:57 AM
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Forged tends to have a much bigger day class, but both are good IMO.
6/5/14 2:55 PM
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Thanks for the info. Sorry for the delay in responding I got locked out of my account.