UnderGround Forums Sommai muay Thai.....WTF?

8/21/12 12:36 AM
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I heard this gym closed very suddenly, anyone know what happened?
8/24/12 1:44 PM
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 Aaron is re-opening in NYC. Will be Kings Muay Thai
8/24/12 10:00 PM
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What in the world did he lock up and roll out so suddenly for though? I heard it was really out of the blue.
10/8/12 10:51 AM
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What happened here? The gym was about a mile from where we live. One of my kids is taking a break from BJJ and I was thinking to get him signed up there, but the gym is gone without a trace.
10/9/12 2:43 PM
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Rick's correct. Aaron decided it was time to move back to The City and closed the gym. It was all of a sudden. Sommai had the best muay thai in the area & will be hard to replace.
Edited: 11/23/12 7:35 PM
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