UnderGround Forums When is NBS Gym in Raleigh going to reopen again?

9/5/12 5:32 PM
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Any NBS members out there know when the new gym will reopen and/or the location and date for classes at the temporary location?
10/9/12 2:48 PM
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I'm not a member but I was planning on joining whenever they reopen. I know that they don't have a temp space at the moment but I suppose they're working on it. Here's a link to the gym's website to help keep you in the loop. Maybe I'll see you out there once they reopen. You can also check their Facebook page.

10/16/12 11:45 AM
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If you are looking a place to train for now, any reason you have not contacted Forged Fitness?
10/29/12 4:38 PM
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I'm at Gracie Raleigh for the rest of the month with a LivingSocial deal. After that, I may do the trial session at Forged to see how it is.
2/20/13 9:25 AM
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For anyone interested, they are open again at the new location. It is a massive amount of space.

My kids just started fencing there, and they are having a great time.