UnderGround Forums need a good gym

9/17/13 9:24 PM
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I'm about to graduate from my high school and I looking for a mixed martial arts gym to begin training and eventually begin compete in , looking for to be located around Raleigh

In term of martial arts background , I have been doing karate since I was 8 year old and have wrestle in high school
9/22/13 2:05 AM
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Where around Raleigh? Middle, North, or closer to Garner, Wakeforest, etc. There are several.
9/24/13 9:57 PM
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20 minutes from downtown Raleigh
9/26/13 9:46 AM
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9/29/13 10:06 AM
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Is that the only gym close downtown Raleigh
9/29/13 5:07 PM
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I am not sure if its the "only" one. Probably the best though, Phone Post 3.0
10/2/13 11:22 AM
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My original question was to get a more exacting location as to where you live, you could live in a different town from Raleigh (Garner, Clayton, edge of Cary, edge of WF, etc) and be 20 mins from down town. I know everyone who is legit, and can help direct you based on location and needs.
10/3/13 9:01 PM
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I'm sorry for not being clear previously
I lived in the town of Wendell and term of needs I would like to train at gym with a good well known striking program
but I'm have an open mind to any and all suggestions
thank you
10/6/13 11:44 AM
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Ah, east of raleigh. That helps. That puts forged fitness and Pendergrass Martial arts at a bit of a drive for you. I think, with out mapping it Gracie Raleigh and TFTC Academy (right off 40 outside Clayton) are the closest places to you that have very developed striking programs, black belt BJJ instruction, and a consistent group of competitive fighters training.