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8/25/20 9:37 AM
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Lol Max Domi apparently removed all mention of the Habs from his social medis bios. Good riddance, go mishandle easy passes somewhere else. The fans are all shitting on him now, deservedly so after that playoff performance which is possibly the worst I've ever seen, but 2 years every single fan was on his jock. This market is ridiculous. Now they're all convinced Johnny Hockey is coming to Montreal because of some rumour...

8/25/20 11:29 PM
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Petterson is insanely talented. 

Welcome back Toffoli.


This series just got interesting...

8/26/20 6:02 PM
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blew a 3 goal lead but its 1-1 


lets go 

8/26/20 6:48 PM
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2 more games tonight.  I’m glad Vancouver is making a series out of it! 

8/26/20 8:37 PM
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Fucking linesman. Fuck you.

8/26/20 9:03 PM
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8/26/20 9:03 PM
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I hope Dallas wins tonight! 

8/26/20 11:10 PM
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knockoutfighter -

I hope Dallas wins tonight! 

Hell yeah let's go boys!! 1-0 Benn to Seguin

8/26/20 11:44 PM
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Thai Dye -
knockoutfighter -

I hope Dallas wins tonight! 

Hell yeah let's go boys!! 1-0 Benn to Seguin

It’s 1-1 now, hopefully they pull it off!  

I want to see Pavelski make a difference, or Radulov, they have a great team.  Perry has played amazing.

8/26/20 11:50 PM
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Heiskanen is fucking legit, the kid is ridiculous. I can't wait until the league is entirely made up of guys like him and Makar in a few years, gonna be some amazing hockey to watch

8/26/20 11:55 PM
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microbiologynerd -

Fucking linesman. Fuck you.

8/26/20 11:58 PM
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kadri on the right side of the edge is a beast 

8/27/20 1:01 AM
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3-3 in the 3rd period!!!!

8/27/20 1:04 AM
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Avs are fucked without Grubauer, Francouz just can't get it done. That Gurianov goal was terrible, he wasn't even close on it.

8/27/20 1:05 AM
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He played great early in the game, but he can't keep the door shut

8/27/20 1:06 AM
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4-3 !!!!

8/27/20 1:10 AM
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And just like that 5 - 3 Colorado!!! What a game 

8/27/20 1:11 AM
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knockoutfighter -

4-3 !!!!

5-4 !!!  Lol

Edited: 8/27/20 1:12 AM
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Stars came back from 3-1 to 4-3 but surrendered 2 goals.  5-4 Colorado with 5 minutes to go in the game!  

I think this series is going 7 games.  I hope I’m wrong.  

8/27/20 1:12 AM
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Great to see Nichushkin come to life in Colorado, he was so dominant before reaching the NHL and it was eerie how invisible he was in Dallas. He seems to have found his groove with the Avs

8/27/20 1:13 AM
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Avalanche win or lose this season... theywill be a team to look out for in future years!

8/27/20 1:21 AM
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We got a series 

8/27/20 1:42 AM
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MacKinnon now has 20 points in 11 games this post-season, and he still looks like he hasn't gone full beast mode yet.

8/27/20 3:03 PM
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I guess all of the woke nhl writers got their wish and todays games have been cancelled. Now it’s time for those same woke writers to write about how the nhl is always last to the party and how they’re still not doing enough

8/27/20 6:35 PM
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Tomorrow’s games are also being postponed, so yea I guess when they play again Saturday racism will have ended. Yea now they won’t get shit for not postponing games, but the same woke nhl writers will continue to give them shit for being the last league to do so.