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9/13/20 6:29 AM
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Stars got the shitty end of the officiating stick in that one, glad they hung on

9/13/20 10:38 AM
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knockoutfighter -

Holy shit that was crazy!  

Stars are up 3 games to 1 against Vegas. 

I would not be surprised if Vegas comes back strong and makes it a series.

Dallas NEEDS to close it out now.  

Anton Khudobin has been incredible!!!

Great hockey!

I like the tenacity of Joe Pavelski.  He only had 15 goals during the regular season, he has 9 in the playoffs!


Pavelski has been completely different player in the bubble/post season. 

9/13/20 11:19 PM
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Tampa has a strangle hold on the series against Islanders.  3 games to 1.

they look really good

9/14/20 8:11 PM
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Let's get it done tonight boys!! Let's go STARS!! 

9/14/20 9:58 PM
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Thai Dye -

Let's get it done tonight boys!! Let's go STARS!! 

Blues fan checking in.  I’m rooting for the stars tonight!!!


great team that the blues knocked out last year. Your back up goalie has been incredible!!! Good luck fellas!!

9/14/20 11:12 PM
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I am through the roof right now. Stars are my one and only team from any sport. 

9/14/20 11:18 PM
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Vegas blew that game!  I wanted them to make it at least one more game.


9/14/20 11:29 PM
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To be honest, I can’t believe the Stars won in 5 games! Khudobin kept them in every game 100%.  During game 4.. the only 2 goals scored by Dallas were kind of flukey.  I was hoping Vegas would make it a series.  Pavelski is playing amazing, I love his tenacity, he screams and yells every goal and gets everyone all pumped up.  Also, Corey Perry is making a huge difference in the small veteran ways.

Both goalies played great, but Vegas controlled the puck the entire time during game 4 and again in game 5, they just couldn’t score like they usually do.  I think the lack of crowds hurt them if any team.  Vegas was like 4/28 or something crazy low on the power play. 

I want Dallas to win the cup but I worry about them in the finals because the past 2 games Dallas wasn’t able to carry the puck into the zone, even on the power play they turned it over at the line and did not look great.  They refused to dump and chase the puck into the zone.  Imo, Dallas needs to step it up to beat Tampa (or Isles).  Imo, Vegas had better defense, but it just came down to experience, little puck luck, tenacity, and especially Khudobin!!! 

9/14/20 11:40 PM
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Thai Dye -

I am through the roof right now. Stars are my one and only team from any sport. 

Congrats man!  

Edited: 9/15/20 12:16 AM
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Congrats to the Stars. Vegas needs a real actual clutch goalie that can steal some and keep the svg % above 900 when it counts. It's time, don't be Nashville.

9/15/20 8:12 AM
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i remember watching the flames vs the stars 

flames were 10 seconds away from a 3-1 lead dallas tied it and won that game 

9/16/20 12:27 AM
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Yes yes yes Islanders!

They are way out in this series, but they're still in it.

Varlamov stole this game.

9/16/20 9:32 PM
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this is basically why Vegas lost. I don't put any blame on their goalies, the offense by VGK was absent these playoffs
9/16/20 9:33 PM
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Vegas definitely fell off. it could have been fatigued.
9/16/20 9:34 PM
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VGK vs Stars series recap
9/16/20 9:36 PM
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this graphic was before game 5, Khudobin now has 551 saves.
9/16/20 9:37 PM
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9/16/20 9:37 PM
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9/16/20 9:38 PM
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in other news... Capitals hire new head coach
9/16/20 9:39 PM
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9/16/20 9:39 PM
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Islanders have some tough odds to overcome!
9/16/20 9:49 PM
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9/16/20 9:52 PM
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Last game was Tampa's first OT loss in this postseason
9/16/20 11:48 PM
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Yup, Tampa is too fast and big for the Isles' forwards or defense and they've executed their attacks perfectly.

The islanders's team defense has been their biggest strength, but Tampa has them running around in their own end for most of each game. Some of the long islands steadier defenseman, like Toews and Mayfield, have been just throwing the puck haphazardly out of the zone when under any kind of pressure. They're shook, understandably. But, it's infuriating to watch as a fan.

The Islanders losing cizikas is a huge problem for them. They don't have a viable fourth centerman to replace him. Trotz moved pageau to cizikas' spot and had him take 43 of the game's 76 face offs! He was on the ice multiple times for two second shifts.

Even though the islanders dominated Philly, the Flyers showed how to combat their defensive exits- by attempting to clog up the boards. But, the Lightning have executed far better than the flyers because they're faster and bigger. Plus, Hedman is absolutely terrifying.

Anyway, the Isles aren't out of it. They can definitely beat the better team on Thursday. All they need to do is pray that Point remains injured and play perfectly. I hope they do,too.

If the Isles advance to the cup final, they won't have to face lehner and deal with the shame of letting him go.

9/17/20 9:01 PM
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