OtherGround Forums 2020 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs thread

9/28/20 11:44 PM
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Graduate1 -
knockoutfighter - 

congrats to Tampa

Well done - Av's have it next year imo..

Best of luck to them!

9/28/20 11:45 PM
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Unreal finish. Cannot believe we did it. Feels good to be a title town again. 

9/28/20 11:47 PM
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Thai Dye -

Stars ran out of gas. Tampa played great. Scary offense and they were surprisingly chippy. Tougher than expected. Really proud my team made it so far. Dobby was fun to watch and Pavs and perry were the perfect veteran presence we needed to make it this far. Losing faksa in the finals was huge. Congrats to the tampa bay lightning and all there fans! 

Nothing to be ashamed with at all.  I know as a true Dallas fan you are it will sting for a few days, but Dallas had a miraculous run.  

I hope the all the Dallas fans take pride in hanging watching them raise that Western Conference Chanpionship banner at the start of next season!  

9/28/20 11:50 PM
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MyTJsuX -

Unreal finish. Cannot believe we did it. Feels good to be a title town again. 

Congrats.  Now I hope the entire team gets a big raise and they have to break up due to salary cap, so you’re not in the final 4 every year, lol. Jk.  I like your coach, Jon Cooper, what a laid back guy off the ice 

9/28/20 11:53 PM
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Meohfumado -

Now no hockey until what?  

Feb?  Think they want/need fans in the buildings to even bother having another season.

The AHL and ECHL absolutely cannot start until fans are in attendance.  The NHL heavily relies on the AHL farm teams to help produce their talent, and call up guys when players get injured.  I don’t see how the NHL is going to operate without the AHL. 

9/28/20 11:56 PM
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I’m just glad we got a finish to the season with playoffs.  and we got some great entertainment during this BLM/Social Justice era of negativity going around.  I can’t get away from politics.  Hockey and UFC is about all I go to.

9/29/20 12:01 AM
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RosieODonnellsQueef -

That’s the first time that smug little cunt Bettman hasn’t been booed during a Conn Smythe announcement.


And SHAME on Production for NOT editing in booooo’s!  

When Bettman was in Vegas during the VGK name and logo unveiling, I was boooing his ass the second he grabbed the mic, and all the hardcore hockey fans were doing it as well and Bettman actually took it in good spirits, he said something like “this is now I know you are REAL hockey fans”.

 All these Vegas locals were looking around like ‘why are they booing the commissioner?!?’  LOL the faces were epic.