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8/27/20 8:54 PM
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You guys talking about MK12 s may enjoy this or at least reading a bit.


I have been tempted many times but did not hit the buy button.
8/27/20 9:32 PM
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clevelandbrowntrousers - 

Nice nothing like a matching pair

Tell us more
8/27/20 10:43 PM
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6.5 grendel to reach out or 300bo up close
8/27/20 10:55 PM
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Y Not - 

6.5 grendel to reach out or 300bo up close

Nice set up

Do you like that Law Tactical folder ?

I have one. Trying to decide if I want to keep it on 16" barrel, or get extra extension to use on SBR.
8/28/20 12:04 AM
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Y Not -

6.5 grendel to reach out or 300bo up close

6.5 grendel is a pretty dope round IMO.

8/28/20 12:11 AM
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If you are a collector then who cares?  If you think there's a race war coming then you should have them confiscated.

8/28/20 12:21 AM
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theken206 - 
Y Not -

6.5 grendel to reach out or 300bo up close

6.5 grendel is a pretty dope round IMO.

Yep you guys have almost convinced me although still considering 6MM ARC.

But good point is lower priced ammo options for 6.5 Grendel.
8/28/20 12:32 AM
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Williepep—I call them the twins...nothing left to say...then we had the caboose...a slight bit longer and a couple ounces heavier than the other two...

8/28/20 12:33 AM
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Whilst ammo is a bitch to get, Ive still been doing some of my normal purchases. I always like to keep my training mags in a rotation but also mix in my hard use mags for functionality checks. 


Picked up a bit of m193 and a couple okay industry surefeeds and some gen 3 pmags. 


Also considering the price of .223, I said fuck it and continued my practice of also stacking quality ammo. I always try to tuck away "good" ammo like 77 grain TMK, Barnes TSX loads, Federal Law enforcement bonded Soft point etc. I have enough TMK and 75 grain hornady TAP 2 loadings to fill all my primary use mags.

But I have been wanting to stock up on more stuff thats barrier blind and does well against intermediate barriers like the afromentioned federal bonded soft point, barnes TSX etc. But even at the normal dollar a round price point.... that shit is hard to get right now.


But I did manage to order 120 rounds of 55 grain gold dots in 5.56. Been looking for a bit but just now found some that wasnt 1.50 a round like the similar federal offerings are going for lol.

Enough for three mags to stash, and one to function check and dope put my holds and my zero with it at diffrent distances compared to what I am sighted in with.

Not a crazy difference at close range. But you start hitting 100 yards or more and its definitely a noticeable change in point of aim, point of impact so Im going to check it out. The only 55 grain stuff I tend to use is hot AF m193 so Im curious how it will do POA/POI wise comparatively. 


My house gun is loaded with the TMK as im not overly worried about intermediate barriers with the way my lanes of fire and points of dominantion are. My entry way is a horrible horrible fatal funnel and there is no intermediate cover or concealment around it for the most part that is going to help anyone out. I do have some gold dot at the end of the 40 round Pmag just in fucking case though hahaha. 


I like having the barrier blind stuff for the ol shit hits the fan type scenarios though. Never know if you will ever have to fill a dude in through a car body or window or an exterior door or something in the ol zombie ninja red dawn apocalypse lol. 

8/28/20 8:22 PM
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Goochy Mang -

There is some nice shit in there!

8/28/20 9:45 PM
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Goochy Mang - 

Welcome to the thread mi amigo
8/28/20 10:16 PM
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8/28/20 10:28 PM
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theken206 -
Goochy Mang -

There is some nice shit in there!

I can’t claim them all but I keep good company. 

8/28/20 10:43 PM
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Goochy Mang -

Some sick stuff.  Looks like fun!  What country is this in??  Murica?

8/28/20 11:24 PM
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Been working on my HK416's. The 417 is next

8/29/20 12:28 AM
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Sogsteel -

Been working on my HK416's. The 417 is next

"Poors have left the chat"

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100 is 1 and 99 is none, that's how many