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7/19/19 7:52 AM
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Song was a little much for me but here is the original interview with Antoine Dodson. Not sure how I've never seen this, I mean fuck, I've wasted 10% of my life on youtube.


7/19/19 7:54 AM
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Oh boy...


7/19/19 8:18 AM
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I don't care who Bagel Boss fights but I want to see Redneck Catfish Noodling Hottie be the ring card girl and I want to hear Rich "the G man" Goins as the ring announcer.

7/21/19 11:10 AM
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Women seem wicked when you're unwanted.

7/21/19 9:54 PM
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TheRaider -

Women seem wicked when you're unwanted.

Streets are uneven when you are down.

7/24/19 12:10 PM
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Just saw this on FRB's twitter. Bagel Boss vs CM Punk,


7/24/19 12:20 PM
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Think about it, Redneck Catfish Noodling Hottie as ring card girl, Rich "the G man" Goins announcing, Bagel Boss fighting... this is a million dollar idea.

8/5/19 2:00 PM
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Bagel boss is a pro wrestler now!



8/5/19 2:50 PM
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First Cain Velasquez, now Bagel Boss.  The talent pool in wrestling is deeper than ever.

8/5/19 3:05 PM
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quality -

First Cain Velasquez, now Bagel Boss.  The talent pool in wrestling is deeper than ever.

Cain will conquer Mexican wrestling. Bagel Boss just needs Redneck Catfish Noodling Hottie to be the Miss Elizabeth to his Macho Man and he can conquer the entire wrestling world.

8/5/19 3:46 PM
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Is it exclusive if he's done other interviews?

8/5/19 3:57 PM
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Poop Doodle -

Is it exclusive if he's done other interviews?

For sure, it was his first sitdown interview. History in the making.

8/13/19 8:21 AM
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Viral sensation "Bagel Boss Guy," also known as Chris Morgan, is going from spouting off inside Long Island restaurants to getting in the boxing ring.

After repeatedly expressing a desire to face off against a celebrity in the squared circle, Morgan will get his wish in a September bout versus former Mets outfielder Lenny Dykstra at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City.

Adding to the mad-libs-ness of the fight, former "Jackass" star Bam Margera will serve as referee.

The fight was originally reported by TMZ.

"ITS ON!!!," Morgan wrote, using poor punctuation, on Instagram Monday. "I have no doubts that I will knock this f---er out. Buy your tickets now!"

[More U.S. News] Women accuse opera legend Placido Domingo of sexual harassment: AP »

Morgan reportedly signed with fight promoter Damon Feldman's Celebrity Boxing after his rant about being short and dating in the 21st century went viral. The two appeared on Howard Stern's radio show last week to promote their partnership.

Dykstra –– who spent who helped the Mets win the 1986 World Series in a 13-year career with the Mets and Phillies –– reacted to Morgan's original viral video in a July Twitter post.

8/13/19 8:23 AM
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Dykstra was recently cleared of both making a terroristic threat and drug charges after he mimicked pointing a gun at his Uber driver who dropped him off at a police station. After a search, police found what they suspected was marijuana, a glass pipe, a straw with suspected cocaine residue, a vial of suspected cocaine and two pills suspected to be MDMA in Dykstra's bag.

A judge later threw out the search and Dykstra pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and paid a $125 fine.

Edited: 8/13/19 8:54 AM
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Serious question: Is it safe for him to go outside?



8/14/19 4:26 PM
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Antoine Dodson is gonna be on the card to vs some guy Josh Colon from MTV Real World.

At the Showboat in AC.