OtherGround Forums Antifa just attacked a black man and woman

10/18/20 4:24 PM
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How does Andy Ngo get every fucking video clip possible?  

10/18/20 4:29 PM
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Not promoting any sort of violence, but the fact that the left are now openly killing and hospitalising people and the right haven't really done much surely puts an end to the sort of "don't push us too far or you won't like what will happen" rhetoric the right has been making for decades. The left now know for a fact that on the street at least, they have a massive advantage.

10/18/20 5:04 PM
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Here’s the recent video I was talking about:


Upon second viewing, the kid actually successfully fought fat boy off before he settled for flipping over their merchandise stand.


Why did that guy try to unhook the dog from it's leash? Just because the woman was a Trump supporter dancing around? This is really what you're using to compare to ANTIFA sucker punching a black man and knocking his teeth out? This is what you're comparing to ANTIFA surrounding the car of a black man and trashing his car just because he supports Trump?



Here's just a few days ago ANTIFA/BLM  sucker punching a veteran a few days ago:




Woman assaulted by ANTIFA/BLM for carrying the flag




People chased off and attacked by BLM/ANTIFA  for filming:




ANTIFA/BLM atack Trump parade, they beat a trump supporter so bad he had to go to the hospital. There were multiple Trump supprters being assaulted at this parade. Many more vehicles were attacked. Silence from the media. Were this a Biden caravan being attacked, it would be headline news






Three Rochester NYPD Officers Hospitalized After Protesters Storm Police HQ





These are all recent.


Lol biased much? The kid gently moved the dog out of his way. His hand clasped the leash for like 2 seconds, but to you that’s an attempt at unhooking the leash? I don’t even think anyone in the video accused him of that. I don’t go around collecting assault videos like a psychopath, but there’s plenty of others out there. Don’t try to act like the other side is innocent. These “proud boys” go around looking for trouble themselves.

Ya, sure both sides are the same you absolute fucking retard.

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