OtherGround Forums Anyone on iOS have this app just freeze?

8/14/19 10:27 AM
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The last few days the app just freezes on me randomly. 

I have to kill the app and restart. Am I the only one or are some of you seeing that too? 



Que 90 posts of "this app sucks donkey dick". 

8/14/19 10:55 AM
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8/14/19 11:21 AM
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Ass wiener 

8/14/19 12:11 PM
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Yup.  Along with 60 other shitty glitches.

8/14/19 12:14 PM
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Yes. It also will kick me off of wifi from time to time and force me to restart the app or use cellular. With the autoplay ads thats a recipe for disaster.

Edited: 8/14/19 12:14 PM
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I don't even use the app anymore, but the site is literally unusable on my ipad via the Chrome browser... click on a thread, it's visible for a second and then an ad covers up the text and the ad never goes away no matter how long I wait or what I click.

8/14/19 4:21 PM
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Fucking terrible 

8/14/19 5:14 PM
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I've always used this app on android and have never once had that issue. It does force close from time to time, but never has it frozen.