OtherGround Forums Biden CLAPS BACK at Trump with new campaign ad

12/5/19 2:20 PM
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12/5/19 2:22 PM
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Ironically, Biden just described himself

12/5/19 2:23 PM
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Claps back...?





12/5/19 2:23 PM
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LOL @ "claps back".

12/5/19 2:24 PM
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After watching Biden lose his mind on that Iowa farmer today I really want to see him debate Trump. It will be hilarious 

12/5/19 2:25 PM
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Did he mention how he loves to have kids jump in his lap and play with his leg hair?



12/5/19 2:25 PM
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So they talk shit behind his back but capitulated on actually putting up for NATO.

This isn't really the burn that liberals wish it was. All it does is show these dudes are all too pussy to talk shit to his face.

Say what you will about Trump, but he has no problem calling people out directly.



12/5/19 2:27 PM
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Oh goody it's going to be an election about mental stability. Biden's campaign really chose this as the arena they want to battle in?

12/5/19 2:28 PM
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"Claps back".

Everything you need to know about Pedro.

12/5/19 2:31 PM
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AnthonyWeiner - "Claps back".

Everything you need to know about Pedro.

He's like that Hikkimori nerd where he used the phrase once unironically (like Hikkimori with "put the Cal") and after everyone trolled him for it, he tries to embrace it.


It's like the obese kid going out of his way to call himself a fat fuck to try and stop everyone from making fun of him.

12/5/19 2:32 PM
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All the world leaders that Trump basically said needed to start pulling their own weight are trying to gang up against him?

Paris Accord - Trump pulled out, yet hasn't US made more progress towards the original goals than those that are in?

NATO - everyone realized the gravy train of hiding behind the american flag, troops and funding was coming to an end and started to move towards meeting obligations they ignored for years.

Trade - leaving China aside as they hate everyone right now (especially Trudeau), has anyone taken advantage of Trump ?

The guy is definitely a grown up amongst children when looking at most world leaders today. Even where i disagree with his policies, the rest of G7 has got shit for leaders that are not one once better if not much worse.

12/5/19 2:34 PM
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Trump should try to fix it by going on a faggy apology tour like our last President

12/5/19 2:34 PM
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ABCTT_Disco Dracula -

Claps back...?





Its official, OP is a sassy female that takes no shits from anyone!

12/5/19 2:34 PM
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12/5/19 2:37 PM
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Pedro Navaja - 


Pedro has joined us today!!!! I love your new photo!

12/5/19 2:37 PM
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That looks like the delivery driver who stole all those packages

12/5/19 2:39 PM
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12/5/19 2:41 PM
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IN for the Malarkey!

12/5/19 2:42 PM
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thriving economy

no stupid wars

yeah he is incompetent 

Biden gave trump the ole corn pop there!  No malarkey! 

12/5/19 2:48 PM
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Im glad you're trolling Pedro, as a real person I'm sure you hate his stance towards shagging kids.

12/5/19 2:53 PM
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After what he did to Corn Pop, it's time he stepped up his game. 

12/5/19 2:53 PM
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Hey Joe...

12/5/19 2:55 PM
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Too bad the stream sucked, I love me some freak fights! It is a nice change of pace from the cookie cutter MMA point "fighting" that is becoming the norm.

12/5/19 2:57 PM
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12/5/19 2:58 PM
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Here's the thing, I'm not a big Trump supporter by any means, but you guys are seriously losing your grip on reality.

Biden is coming off more and more like he's losing his mind. He's not going to survive debates with Trump, and he will continue to make rambling gaffes and comments/actions/photos that make him look like a grandfather who's losing his mind and slipping into pedo realm.

Beyond that, you really, really don't seem to understand what will sway voters. 

Either they hate Trump and will vote for any dem to oust him, or they don't.

Posting a video of Canada's black face cuck and Macron laughing at Trump is not swaying anyones vote that is undecided.

Oh no, France, FRANCE is laughing at us! Quick vote for the guy who talked about kids playing with his leg hair and how much he loves children in his lap that challenges guys he calls fat to push up contests!