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9/11/19 8:18 PM
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Was funny as hell.

I noticed the crowd was pretty tough on him, or were maybe too hesitant to laugh at some things. 

9/11/19 8:42 PM
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The sex doll bit was fantastic.  Wish it was in the states though.  I liked Dave’s better. Seemed more important to the times. 

9/11/19 8:48 PM
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Just finished. Was great. WAY better than his last one. 

9/11/19 11:41 PM
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Glad to hear you guys are liking it, I’ll probably watch it alone when the wife and kids go to bed.

9/12/19 4:50 PM
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I thought it was probably his worst ever, but only because it was old material. If you haven't seen his last 3 specials or much of his work you are going to love it!

9/16/19 3:29 PM
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well, he didn’t get Chappelled, so RT must be racist.
9/16/19 3:32 PM
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I thought it was okay, Chappels was much funnier. 

9/16/19 3:59 PM
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Zned - 
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Zned -

Burr and Gaffigan are at the tops of their games.


Will watch later

The thing i like about Gaffigan is that he is funny without cursing.


I let my 8 yr old watch the last gaffigan special with me.  i think 1 part made us earmuff him, but the rest was perfectly fine and LOL worthy for pur kid


Apparantly he puts on some incredible dramatic performances in his upcoming movies.

His career will be better managed and more successful than Carell.

I'd say his career is already more successful than Carell.

He topped the list of highest paid comedians in 2019 at $44 million

9/16/19 4:13 PM
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Paper Tiger started off funny but started to due off halfway through..it's worth checking out but Burrs earlier stuff was much better
28 days ago
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Tried watching it last night and laughed a few times, but got bored halfway through and turned it off. Not sure if it's because he's ranting about the USA and he's in the UK or what, but there is definitely a disconnect with the audience.

I listened to his podcast for years, but don't really follow him too much anymore. I loved the "angry redhead" but that guy seemed to have disappeared after getting married and having a kid.
28 days ago
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Chappelles was much better, Burr had a few laughs but from the blow up doll to the end it was lame, the SJW stuff was good

28 days ago
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I consider it 3 for 3 on the last 3 specials I've seen.

Gaffigan, Chappelle and Burr.

I'd also rank them in that order but all are winners IMO.

28 days ago
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I'd rank the same order as above...Gaffigan killed it!
28 days ago
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Zned -
ranier wolfcastle - 

i like how he smashed sjws, but i lold more at chappeles 

Chapelle made a very strong statement, but there is a bittnerness that shows through.

Chapelle's special was really fantastic, but it isn't in the same league as Killing Them Softly which goes up there with the greatest specials of all time.

Burr out did Chapelle, but Chapelle may also be in the twilight of his years.

Is he terminally ill? 

28 days ago
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I liked Chappelle's better but Burr was good for sure.
28 days ago
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I thought it was great. Chapelle’s was also great. I haven’t watched Gaffigan’s yet but I’m looking forward to it. 

Edited: 28 days ago
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I don't know if watching solo impacts my viewing pleasure but I thought it was OK. I did LOL when he went into the 9-11 "My brother is fighting in Iraq!" bit. And while I disagree that just any group of people on the planet would have driven aviation advancement if given the chance (triggered!) the overall segment was pretty good
28 days ago
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I thought burr's last two specials/tours were weak, thought he was on the unfunny decline... but this special was a return to form... I was sad to see he didn't do the "not all military are heroes" bit, which killed when we saw him in concert... but from his explanation on rogan, I guess the reception was really just that flat...
26 days ago
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He was douchey as hell on theo's new podcast 

26 days ago
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Girly -

He was douchey as hell on theo's new podcast 


26 days ago
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Girly - 

He was douchey as hell on theo's new podcast 

He was trying to give a younger comedian some advice. He wasn't in the mood to go off on one of Theo's silly tangents. Other comedians would have. He doesn't have chemistry with everyone.
Edited: 26 days ago
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I listened to just about 20 minutes of him on Theo. I didn't think he was douche at all. I think he was actually being honest and trying to help him out, letting him know that he's taking himself way too seriously and to open up to opportunities instead of knowing in advance he's going to hate working with everyone... the type of advice you need, probably not the type you are used to getting by sycophants and fanboys though...

I did think he was a HUGE douche on that one podcast when he freaked out about the guy asking how many siblings he had... lost respect for him on that one... was bizarre... like people knowing the number of siblings he had was a russian hack, obtaining all his PI and bank account info...
26 days ago
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I laughed out loud a few times during Chapelle's and Burr's felt like listening to a live podcast.

Both were fun.

My favorite line about metoo from Burr was: Did they get everybody yet?
25 days ago
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love watching him have to do publicity and appear on d-bag network talk shows and various podcasts....

you can tell its killing him.
25 days ago
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Parts were funny for sure but I liked Chapelle's a lot better. 

I like Burr but IMHO the only comedian that could pull off the constant yelling is Sam Kinison.  Rogan used to imitate Sam by yelling his entire act and it was hard to listen to.  Glad to see he scaled that back a bit on his last special.