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12/15/19 11:56 AM
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Chomas -
mglaw - OP, you did the right thing, In many states, Larceny by Employee is a felony, no matter the value.

For everyone saying "it was just $50 dollars"...At what point would you contact the law, $100, $1000, $1500?

The amount does not matter, the employee made a conscious decision to steal from her employer.

And, for the poster who said that if she resigned, he would give her a neutral to good recommendation...What in the actual fuck is wrong with you? Someone steals from you and you're going to give the next potential employer a good recommendation??? Were you drunk when you typed that?

I think anyone with a modicum if common sense agrees with you, but it's fun fucking with this guy for some reason given the details of the story.

fucking with me is like masturbation.  feels good at the time but in the end you're really only fucking yourself

12/15/19 11:59 AM
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Why would the cops investigate for $50?

12/15/19 4:31 PM
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HotSteppa - Why would the cops investigate for $50?

What do you think the limit is before cops will do something about theft?

12/15/19 4:45 PM
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HotSteppa - Why would the cops investigate for $50?

Because in many states, larceny by employee, no matter the value, is a felony.