OtherGround Forums Change one thing about the black community

If you could change one thing about the black community what would it be?

1. Realizing they dont have to be a Democrat

2. A strong nuclear family. Dad-mom-grand parents all in everyone's lives

3. Address crime in the community. This can mean not only holding themselves accountable but also no glorification of gang mentality or its activities.

4. Take an asian like mentality towards education. Driven to go to college or a trade school based of their own abilities and not because of their race. 

5. Realizing that heroes within their own community does not have to be just athletes. This goes mostly for the youth. They look to other people and not just people like Lebron James for inspiration.

6. Addressing real racism. Not just calling everyone a racist because they dont like their opinion or if they dont get their way. Also tackle their own attitudes towards other non blacks.