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9/19/13 2:19 AM
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When I was in grade school, in the late 80s and early 90s, some magazine company would come to the school, and they would have a contest... the students would sell magazines, and if you sold a certain number, you would win these little toys... they were just little furry balls with eyes and hats... every year, they would have a different "theme"... I remember one year, the theme was the '50s or something, and one of the little toys you could win looked like a greaser... it had sunglasses or something... once a week, they would pick a student's name out of a hat, and if that student had these toys with him, he could win money or something...

Does anyone remember this? What the fuck were those little toys called? WEEBLES or something? What the fuck was that all about? It seems like it should violate some child labor laws or something...
9/19/13 2:21 AM
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Man, I said "or something" a lot in that question...

I must be drunk or something.
9/19/13 2:27 AM
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Was the magazine GRIT?
9/19/13 2:35 AM
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gokudamus stole my name iv - Was the magazine GRIT?

No, it was like a company that sold subscriptions to many different magazines... I think it had Time, Newsweek, Lawn and Garden, and National Geographic - all sorts of shit like that. I think National Geographic was one of the best ones to get someone to order, since it cost the most.

I remember having a catalog that had all the magazines with the price of yearly subscriptions in it...

But what I really want to remember is the name of those goddamn little furry toys they used as prizes...
9/19/13 2:35 AM
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Did you grow up in soviet Russia? Phone Post 3.0
9/19/13 2:36 AM
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Used to sell candy around the holidays. They'd even give us a coin box to keep the money in. I never sold shit. Phone Post
9/19/13 2:38 AM
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bigD13B - Did you grow up in soviet Russia? Phone Post 3.0

Nope, in the Midwest of the good old US of A!!! Although it was a (shitty) private Catholic school...
9/19/13 2:48 AM
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Brings back memories. I remember those furry things, but can't recall What they were called Phone Post
9/19/13 3:14 AM
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I remember them. They had little feet that were usually stickers.

They were not weebles. Those were different. Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.
9/19/13 3:28 AM
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Yeah i remember those things. People would stick them on top of computers and tvs and stuff Phone Post
9/19/13 3:30 AM
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WEEPULS!!! Phone Post
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9/19/13 3:33 AM
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I remember this is they're what seano and scourge are talking about. They used to have a long ribbon attached to them? Phone Post 3.0
9/19/13 3:34 AM
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Phone Post 3.0
9/19/13 3:42 AM
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Thats them theyre called WEEPULS. Phone Post
9/19/13 4:09 AM
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LordSeano - Thats them theyre called WEEPULS. Phone Post
Yep. Biggest fuckin scam and exploitation of school kids ever. But I sure as fuck fell for it. I mean I was 9 and 10 years old... Why wouldn't I want some fuckin fuzzy $0.05 piece of shit I could be proud to have "earned". Phone Post 3.0
9/19/13 4:20 AM
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We just had fundraising stuff that earned you tickets for a raffle to win a bike. Phone Post