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7/10/19 12:22 PM
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Cool shot, drone or rooftop/balcony?

Balcony shot from my air bnb in Denver 2 weeks ago. The rooftop had a bad ass view too. 

I always loved this line from the sopranos and I'll use it now. 




Enjoy your success 

- Carmine Lupertazzi



I dig the concept of Airbnb but at this point most places I travel I could crash with someone Airbnb style as is. I think fifteen years ago I would have tried these room rental airbnb's around Hollywood and such. I feel like it would have been a blast to mingle in those while I worked wherever. I had gone dormant for years. In a prior life I lived for the moment and took advantage of every breath life provided me and possibly a few the Lord provided others. 

7/10/19 12:25 PM
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7/10/19 12:36 PM
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Santa Ana, Orange county
7/11/19 1:45 AM
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Headed into the avenues, highland Park specifically. Dropping all phones here and going in with only film. Should be the most activity I'll see here. Apparently the action carried over from the weekend and started early. Again being escorted in by old friends. Takes a few till I can acclimate and from there it's just fun. The pace these dudes keep is tremendous. Be well.

7/11/19 4:11 PM
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Thank you California, you've been great to me. See you up there Maddi.

7/12/19 1:45 AM
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God in gangland, Happy Town Pomona
7/12/19 3:59 AM
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off to the races,

Watching guys slang H across the street at the park? Lol 


Allegedly, back in the early 00's some teenagers used to rob dealers and pistol whip them in that park, until some collectors starting patrols to watch their backs. 

7/12/19 8:46 AM
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off to the races,

Watching guys slang H across the street at the park? Lol 


Allegedly, back in the early 00's some teenagers used to rob dealers and pistol whip them in that park, until some collectors starting patrols to watch their backs. 

I stayed with friends across the way for couple nights. Had a few loose ends needed tightening.

7/12/19 11:57 AM
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7/15/19 10:51 PM
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Sorry guys I've been preoccupied with a new friend. Nice girl. Anywho I'm just about finished with this distraction. Should be back on throughout the night. We are just about to head into the canyons. I promised a night to remember. Be well.

7/16/19 4:19 AM
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Downtown Pomona,
7/16/19 5:34 AM
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Just hit Inglewood. Should be a busy night.

7/16/19 7:05 AM
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7/19/19 11:42 AM
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Thank you California, you've been great, see you again soon, be well
7/22/19 5:32 PM
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7/26/19 2:05 PM
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Just drifted into town on the red-eye.
7/26/19 2:25 PM
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Haughty eyes, a lying tongue

and hands that shed innocent blood.


7/26/19 2:28 PM
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Not saying this is a thread made by a serial killer, but....

7/26/19 2:58 PM
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I'll be covering more prostitution this time around. I'll probably do a little gang work but I'll try and keep it in the sex industry. 


I think I'm on the verge of falling back into a darkness I left behind when I found my wife. I probably shouldn't have come back. 


Be well.

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Spent most the night in Lincoln Heights. Got a call early that it was super hot and I headed out. Off duty cop and passengers were involved in what is being considered a gang shooting (will turn out likely to be avenues related) with the officer losing his life. Wild first night back already. I'll post more in a bit or maybe tonight, just got in. 

7/27/19 12:37 PM
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I wish I could post more on this one. I don't see a thread yet for the fallen officer. The passengers were related to the officers girlfriend and one of them got hit as well but I think is in stable condition. Wrong place wrong time. It's amazing how gentrified that area now looks in comparison to the past. It's dangerous in new ways. 

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Couple updates on this case while I was asleep. So they finally made it public that it was avenues related. I was asked to steer clear of the neighborhood for the night by friends working the case. Now I've talked about the avenues before and my close connections from years back but the landscape has changed dramatically in the few years I was away. 


These neighborhoods are dying at a pace the residents could never have predicted. The gentrification of the los Angeles barrios is amazing. Most these people walking around these hoods have no idea what that pavement has seen. I'm getting ready to be picked as soon as the sun goes down and I'm headed into the avenues. Not sure when I'll drop my phone but I'll try and post as the night goes on.


I'm trying my best to post stuff of interest for you guys but I have to be careful how much info I give. I'll probably do some story telling soon with the names and places changed to protect the guilty. Be well.