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25 days ago
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So your Dad refuses a drink from Conor and Conor slugs him. 


What would you do?

25 days ago
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Sue into bolivian

25 days ago
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Add insult to injury and have him sign pop’s black eye with a sharpie. 

25 days ago
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Physically attack Conor no question.
25 days ago
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break a chair over his face

25 days ago
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Don’t like my dad so wouldn’t really care. Heck... probably wouldn’t even recognize my dad. Haven’t seen him in 8 1-2 years.

25 days ago
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Ankle pick him.
25 days ago
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Smack him in the mouth. He either takes it and does nothing, or attacks me and ensures that i get megabucks from the compensation. Win-win.

25 days ago
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Fight of course.


25 days ago
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Conor would ko me within seconds but i'd have to give it a try.

25 days ago
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Give him a Bottle of Proper 12 upside his head

25 days ago
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Were my Dad still alive I’d be calling Connor’s next of kin.  Everyone knew not to fuck with the old man.  

25 days ago
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If I could get ahold of him I’d try to hulk smash his little ass into the ground.

25 days ago
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Shoot a double leg.

25 days ago
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Conor probably has an Entourage with him and is a professional fighter. You're most likely going to lose either way, don't be prideful. Hit him where it hurts...the wallet.

25 days ago
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I'd laugh. 

On the other hand if he punched my son I'd cave in his pelvic bone with my steel toe and bust a bottle of Proper Twelve over his skull.

25 days ago
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Take pics of the victim. Wait for million dollar payday. 

25 days ago
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Conor engaging in fights outside the ring...he loses every time even if he wins.


I’d win financially, but I’d also ensure there was an ongoing battle to make sure his image was that of an abusive, shallow, scared little man whose biggest payday was losing a fight to an old, past his prime boxer, after which he didn’t do anything but attack civilians and act like he was still a real fighter.

25 days ago
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FatBuddha - Physically attack Conor no question.

This. Sure I'd get my beatdown but I would feel like a piece of shit for it.

25 days ago
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25 days ago
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25 days ago
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Robert Thomas -

Conor probably has an Entourage with him and is a professional fighter. You're most likely going to lose either way, don't be prideful. Hit him where it hurts...the wallet.

Exactly. My dad is in his 80s. My first priority would be to see how bad he is hurt and if he needs medical attention.

And then I would make it a public spectacle, pointing at Conor and loudly making sure everyone around knows exactly what happened. "HE PUNCHED MY DAD. CONOR McGREGOR PUNCHED A SENIOR CITIZEN."

No need to confuse the situation by trying to go after Conor physically. My dad and me are innocent victims. Make it a clear cut case. The headlines would write themselves. The optics for Conor would be horrific.

Then, criminal charges, civil suit, the works. We're getting something out of it, guaranteed. Settlement or damages, Conor is going to pay big, and public opinion will be completely on our side.

25 days ago
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Watch as the gang of ironworkers also in the bar take turns reaming his asshole with the box end of a spud wrench. 

25 days ago
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I'd pretend to be friendly and be like fuck that loser Conor! As soon as the opportunity to blast him came I'd knock his Irish head off his body

25 days ago
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I 100% react with the intent to beat his fucking ass, probably wouldn't happen but that wouldn't stop me.


I'd do the same to Lesnar.