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28 days ago
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after calling for the Amberlamps we would celebrate the certainty of a BIG WIN!

28 days ago
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My dad is almost 60, so that might be too young for Conor to punch.

28 days ago
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What would I do?  Fookin’ nootin’

28 days ago
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AnotherTMAguy - 

So your Dad refuses a drink from Conor and Conor slugs him. 


What would you do?

Attack like an animal.

If i get beat up by conor and the leprechaun mafia so be it.
28 days ago
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My dad probably wouldn't put himself in a position to get punched by a professional fighter, but if he did:

Try to stop the bleeding, call an ambulance, and make sure we have mutually supporting statements outlining why, based upon the totality of the situation, my 74 year old father feared for his life and just shot Conor McGregor.

28 days ago
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jpm995 -

Conor would ko me within seconds but i'd have to give it a try.

This is the answer.  Throw one weak punch and absorb a pummeling 

28 days ago
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I would end up on the losing end of a barfight.
Edited: 28 days ago
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We talkin like punching the dirt, headstone, or is he gonna dig him up and uncoffin him first?

28 days ago
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I would say don’t stop hitting until the cunt stops breathing. Fuck my biological father, hope that POS has a swift, painful exit.

28 days ago
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My dad is 6 feet under. knowing what I know about conors cardio, it would be simple to kick his ass after all the digging he had to do to get to my pop.

28 days ago
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My father is 70 years old. I would shoot the midget and sue his estate.
28 days ago
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theraskal -

after calling for the Amberlamps we would celebrate the certainty of a BIG WIN!

Good call! Somehow manage to get punched as well to get my own slice of the BIG WIN!

28 days ago
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I would throw as many heavy harmful things as possible at him. Like a water bottle.

28 days ago
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Well, based on the video, my dad eats the punch like it's a cupcake, then we beat him to death with barstools. 

28 days ago
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Get in his face until I get punched too and then we get 2 nice lawsuits going. 

28 days ago
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ryanJ -

What would I do?  Fookin’ nootin’

Excuse me?

28 days ago
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My dad has only half a face from cancer and is a shadow of himself. I’d shoot Connor and whomever else wanted to play. I’m fairly good at that.

28 days ago
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Hit my dad for insulting the nice mans whiskey

28 days ago
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64FordF100 -

break a chair over his face

Don't you think that getting hit by Conor is bad enough?

28 days ago
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If anyone does that to any family member, even if you know you're likely going down in the process, you respond with full fury and go out on your shield.

28 days ago
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If it was a suckerpunch like in the real video, would just smash a glass over Conor’s head. 

28 days ago
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It'd be on like a leprechaun.
28 days ago
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My dad's not a complete pussy so one punch isnt going to ruin his night.  Having said that I picture the two of us looking over at each other with that look of 'you know what this means?' And then we jump up on the table and do a little Irish jig right there... hell we might even invite ole Conor up onto the table since he'll be paying our bills for the next 20 years.

28 days ago
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It doesn't matter if he kicks my ass or not.

What matters is whether I fight or not.
28 days ago
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Considering a 70 year just took his punch unfazed and he's a washed up coke head alcoholic that weighs only 170lbs. I'd bet anybody 200lbs and over that had some ok skills could probably give him a decent go in the street.