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7/12/18 7:55 PM
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^ awesome news man!!!!!

7/12/18 8:44 PM
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Thx MBN!


Roller coaster of emotions today! He’s got a fever today but it’s not related to the cancer at all. 4 more months but we got this. Just want to see him grow into a man!

7/12/18 10:21 PM
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choadler -
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Future UFC champ right here. Probably 125 lb'er till he packs on a few pounds. Not religious, but God bless him (and you guys). It's a tough road. Need anything, reach out.

Sorry bud I didn’t see this. Will do! I’ve realized how deep my pool of support goes through all of this. It’s a lot more far reaching than I could’ve ever imagined. Thanks!

7/25/18 9:40 AM
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Aurin biotech awarded patent for their tricarboxylic acid complex to arrest tumor growth. 

Note the article says “its orally effective”- like your wife was with me last night. Hey-ooooooo!!!

this is great news for terminal cancer patients, as a tunor that cannot grow is much more treatable. 

Now if you’ll excuse me im getting coffee so that any new threads i make dont look like im having a seizure

7/25/18 9:56 AM
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Looking to animals who have extremely low cancer rates as a strategy to apply to humans



8/3/18 9:51 AM
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New strategy for attacking breast cancer. Save the boobies!



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I just went to the most badass fucking seminar. I study neurodegenerative disease and the basic mechanism behind Huntington's, fragile X and spinocerebellar ataxia (all trinucleotide repeat expansion diseases), is now being harnassed as a universal death switch for all cancer.  The data is preliminary and seems too good to be true, but my God this was a fascinating lecture. 

Solid tumors are horrifying and virtually impossible to treat because of the genetic heterogenaity. It's rarely studied because people don't want to admit this, but peer reviewed research shows that if you biopsy solid tumors from different regions, it will often show completely different biomarkers, suggesting completely different prognoses and completely different targeted therapy. Finding a more generalized strategy that can handle heterologous tumors and avoid inducing selective pressure on these fuckers is a fascinating and necessary next step. Wish I was in the right stage of my career as I'd probably hop over to this guy's lab to work on his upcoming mouse models. I love stupid science bitches. 

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For anyone with a bit of a bio background, this nutcase lab had promising results with miRNA targeted against Fas/FasL. They performed stepwise mutations on the miRNA and determined that the toxicity, which killed cancer cells at a rate of approximately 85% invitro, and that reversed a number of different tumors in mouse models with no toxicity, was entirely centered in the 6mer seed region. 

The crazy bastards then created over 4k fucking different 6mers, literally every possible nt permutation for a seed region, and tested the toxicity of every single one of these dicer optimized siRNAs on cancer cells, realizing that the toxicity was entirely dependent on Guanine enrichment. They then searched for motif enrichment and found two interesting observations. That phylogenetically, miRNA is selected against forming these G rich variants, and that virtually all the ensuing siRNA signalling would lead to the targeting of survival genes. 

They've used optimized forms of these siRNA in a few different models now and have managed to completely reverse liver tumors, as well as a few other types, with no toxicity in mice. One of the reasons for this specificity is hypothesized to be the fact that cancer cells naturally suppress miRNA, leaving their Argonaut protein primed and ready for even picomolar amounts of this siRNA to trigger their execution, while they get crowded out in normal cells, and in stem cells, have no miRNA OR argonaut, leaving them protected. 

It also provides an evolutionary basis for Huntington's chorea and other trinucleotide repeat diseaess. That you're essentially loading your body with these anti-cancer siRNA accidentally, and sure enough, cancer rates in Ht suffereres is something like 40% lower. It's all rather fascinating, although I'm skeptical at how such a general mechanism can be so specific and non-toxic to healthy cells. 

8/3/18 10:11 AM
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^ wow that’s extremely cool. Bringing the fight!

8/3/18 10:12 AM
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God bless everyone that is fighting this hard fight or knows someone that is. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and hope everything turns out in your favor.



8/3/18 10:13 AM
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Matrix -

^ wow that’s extremely cool. Bringing the fight!

I write crappy and get excited like a dog over research, so if you want a better worded link --



8/3/18 11:03 AM
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siRNA= small interfering rna, who fuck up cancer cells spartan style.

think of being out with a new chick, things are going well, and 10,000 clones of your psycho ex stumble upon your date and totally fuck up everything. 

9/19/18 9:32 AM
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New therapy for rare “hairy cell leukemia” approved. Of soecial note is that this was fast tracked by the fda, and 75% of patients had previously been given rituxan, but had minimal or no response. (Rituxan typically f’s cancer in the a). This is a breakthrough for those who may be starting to lose hope.



9/19/18 10:00 AM
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My dad had his bladder, kidney, prostate, urethra, ureters and connective tissue removed on Monday and is in the ICU now. Fuck squamous cell carcinoma of the bladder and fuck all cancer. 

9/19/18 10:20 AM
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9/19/18 10:35 AM
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cakegirl - 

My dad had his bladder, kidney, prostate, urethra, ureters and connective tissue removed on Monday and is in the ICU now. Fuck squamous cell carcinoma of the bladder and fuck all cancer. 

Positive thoughts for you and your Dad.

F*ck cancer!

9/20/18 11:59 AM
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9/20/18 12:29 PM
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9/20/18 3:17 PM
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You scientists make the world a better place. I just had my 6-month follow-up PET scan and no sign of cancer. It's finally feeling real to me - I"m very likely cured. From stage 4 to NED.
9/20/18 3:52 PM
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War Lazarus!!

9/20/18 4:09 PM
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My sister is 40 yrs old and was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer a month ago. She means everything to me and is like my best friend. We are very close so I want any and all options for her treatment.

She has had 2 rounds of Chemo and has 2 more to go for her initial treatment. The goal being to keep it from spreading and possibly reduce the mass. It is an inoperable tumor, so surgery to remove it is not on the table. Its been hard on my parents and my father especially. I have been trying to be the strong one in all this, but have had my moments of breaking down. She is super weak from the Chemo but I have tried to get her up to walk some and keep her from just laying down all day.

After the initial treatment, what options should we look into. I have heard of something called NanoKnife that can be used on inoperable tumors, but not sure if its an option or of its availability in the Bay Area. Any feedback some of you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
9/20/18 4:18 PM
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I'm very sad to hear that, Don. I have no useful info for you, but just wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you.
9/20/18 4:23 PM
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Appreciate the thoughts my man. Keep fighting the fight and I am glad to hear you're beating it. There is hope still. I'm Not ready to lose my sister anytime soon and I will keep fighting with her.
9/20/18 4:28 PM
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Has it spread? iirc, pancreatic cancer is tough to detect until later stages.

in addition to chemo and radiation, there are 2, maybe 3, biotherapeutic options: herceptin,erbitux, and opdivo

herceptin is usually for breast cancer, but about 1/5 oancreatic cancer patients also express the same target (her2 protein).

erbitux binds growth factor receptors and supresses cancer cell growth. 

Opdivo wasdevekoped for non small cell lung cancer, but it seems to f many types of cancer in the a constantly (and without lube) bu fucking with the pd-1 pathway. 

Full disclosure: im not an MD and your sis will want to discuss this with her physicians. 

May want to look to getting on a clinical trial too (cancer.gov). 

Nerd stuff aside- be there for your sis and family sir. Be relentless in your search, ask lots of questions of the oncologists, and keep moving forward.

9/20/18 4:29 PM
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 Never heard of nanoknife, but it seems like it may be an option... though id lookndeeper into damaging surrounding healthy tissue. (Ask more questions)