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8/24/19 8:52 AM
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Hey MBN and Briscoe... since you're in the same spot here:

I have a friend who just got diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She just had surgery and will be starting chemo soon. My understanding from google is that the 5-year survival rate for stage 4 colon cancer is only 15% and it is usually incurable. But Briscoe's fight says the tide might be changing.

What do you recommend for her? Obviously, listening to her oncologist is #1, but are there any super promising next-generation immunotherapies that she should be aspiring to?

8/24/19 9:19 AM
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Keytruda or opdivo are both immune checkpoint inhibitors that may help. Cancer cells present proteins on their surface that trick the body to recognizing them as normal/healthy cells. Keytruda and opdivo work by identifying the lying cocksucker cancer cells so the body identifies them as foreign and attacks them

8/24/19 9:48 AM
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9/4/19 8:10 AM
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The fak gene can go fak itself


9/4/19 8:20 AM
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Think I just downvoted you mbn. Fucking app + my fat sausage fingers. I'll up vote a few times to even it off!

9/6/19 11:09 AM
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choadler -

Think I just downvoted you mbn. Fucking app + my fat sausage fingers. I'll up vote a few times to even it off!

Send moar cock pics

9/6/19 11:09 AM
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Also- new lung cancer targets


9/7/19 8:30 AM
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bacterial kamikaze and rock/paper/scissors to attach tumors


9/9/19 8:00 AM
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9/13/19 11:40 AM
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Watch out remicade and all the biosimilars hitting the market, inmunebio's new patent may be better

translation: inmunebio is f'ing cancer in the a



9/26/19 12:03 PM
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Raising $ for local shortys



10/22/19 8:21 AM
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Not cancer, but vertex received fast track approval yesterday for a triple combo cystic fibrosis drug that impacts 90% of cf patients


10/25/19 9:16 AM
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Personalized breast cancer treatment



10/25/19 11:44 AM
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microbiologynerd -

Personalized breast cancer treatment



You are always on the hunt! Going to read it now. Still stable here at home.


MBN - remember I reached out about my kid? He's leaning to get his pre-med done during his biomed Bachelor period. It's all working out for him, he's looking for research over summer. He will either work in our ER helping out (EMT type role) or we might get him into one of the research labs. Right now, he wants that MD, but could change obviously.

10/26/19 9:49 AM
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timeball - I have had rewings, doc martens, Carolinas, ect ect. I just recently bought a pair of timberlands with the composite toe/ metatarsal. They are super light. They feel like dam running shoes. They also have the anti fatigue soles. Only had them for a month, so they haven't had a durability test yet. I like em Phone Post 3.0
I agree about them feeling like tennis shoes. Very comfortable, however the soles and waterproofing only last me 6 months at my job whereas the Redwings last a year. Phone Post 3.0
10/28/19 10:25 AM
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Huge change in Melanoma prognosis


10/28/19 10:54 AM
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Zejula for wider ovarian cancer indications


11/3/19 7:52 PM
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mrs mbns company raised $14k saturday night for the leukemia and lymphoma society's "light the night" campaign. always giving back- in the lab and with $$
11/7/19 10:24 AM
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Major CAR-T player Tmunity getting major fucking funding. Keeping an eye on this, as they have a legit shot at royally fucking cancer in the ass



11/18/19 11:10 PM
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11/19/19 4:12 PM
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MBN is a good shit. He knows I follow this thread quite a bit. VU for lifetime for MBN.


Today, crispr tech study results... 2 patients, 1 w beta thalassemia, 1 with sickle cell. They claim the 2 patients are CURED. The beta thalssemia pt needed 16 transfusions last year. Since the one time treatment, he has not needed any transfusion.


If real, and it sounds pretty damn good right now. Hope it's true. Just one more step toward wiping some of this shit off the planet.

11/19/19 8:13 PM
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My buddy had stage 3 or 4 cancer. Diagnosed in feb. 

100% cancer free and thriving in October.

fuck you cancer. You don't get them all!  

11/19/19 9:19 PM
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11/20/19 10:48 AM
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microbiologynerd -


Good guy there. I almost dumped my wife's ass after diagnosis. She was close to getting the boot, bit then I figured that she can still do laundry and cook despite chemo. I'm gonna let her stick around for a bit, providing my tighty-whiteys are pressed daily.

11/27/19 12:45 PM
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Damn choadler!

also- more reasons why we do what we do. kids unnastan, kids get it