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4/7/17 4:13 PM
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Awesome, MBN. You're a real life legend.

I often say the line 'you're hardly curing cancer' to people who think they're too important for life, and here you are, actually doing it!!!!!!
4/7/17 4:38 PM
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Was recently diagnosed with colon cancer, indeed fuck cancer. It's currently tearing my life apart.


Although it's shown me how amazing people can be at the same time. After have the physically/mentally/emotionally roughest night of my life last night. after being woken up by my girlfriend sobbing on me at 4 am, I finally fell back to sleep... Today I woke up to an OGer who I've never even interacted with before donating $1k into my gofundme. It's showed me how many awesome human beings are out there 


It's also showed me how shitty some are, another oger who I considered my brother... We've known each other for our entire lives, and spoken almost daily for the last almost decade. He vanished with money of mine in his 5dimes account.... Heard about my diagnosis and still hasn't called to see how I'm doing... Honestly, I'm not even mad about it, it legitimately hurts. 

4/8/17 12:22 AM
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tiger07 - Awesome, MBN. You're a real life legend.

I often say the line 'you're hardly curing cancer' to people who think they're too important for life, and here you are, actually doing it!!!!!!
im part of a much larger team at my company, there are mbns far smarter than i working on this.

just happy to do my part.
4/10/17 1:55 PM
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microbes "to the rescue" again. and by that i mean using bacterial cell walls to trigger an overwhelming human immune response to fuck cancer right in the ass

4/11/17 8:00 AM
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mbn, the irony is that using the immune system was used successfully 70 years ago. it makes sense when you consider that cancer seems to be the result of or at least triggered by inflammation; it's intimately tied to the immune system.

(it would be interesting to see if there is actually an underlying autoimmune component as well.)

an md oncologist found out that when his patients had i believe staph, they went into remission. so he started injecting staph voluntarily, and they went into remission. the problem was, i believe 40% died.

when chemo was invented, they stopped using his method. turns out the patients dying had weak immune systems and were dying from the staph.

later on, in this decade, a researcher revisited the approach and understand that the massive immune response to staph, caused the cancer cells to be caught or recognized in the net, and i believe the t cells started attacking the cancer cells.

i read the article around 3 years ago, so some of the specifics are off.

also, there was an brit oger who said he went into remission when they fed him cesium (powerful anti inflammatory for other ogers), before his chemo. i hope he's well now.
4/11/17 8:07 AM
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microbiologynerd - http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/geneediting-therapy-saves-lives-baby-girls-leukemia/



We're gonna getcha, ya cunt!!

My father died of Leukemia when I was two and one of my brothers died of bone cancer at 9 years old.


This is a good fight.

4/12/17 12:18 AM
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yusul got a link to that paper?
4/12/17 12:27 AM
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i'll look it up. it was published i believe in scientific american, but it may take a week or 2 to find under the pile. of course it was referenced as well.
4/14/17 9:39 PM
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to someomestolemysocks- sorry i didnt reply to you directly yet, as its tough to find the right words to say. i dont know you from adam, but i wish you all the best during treatment.

having witnessed immediatw family members struggle with chemo, the mental/emotional toll is often more painful than the physical one. however, its all about attitude and the power of your mind to help carry you through this rough journey.

the stronger you present yourself, the stronger youre loved ones will be. attitide and mental toughness resonate when battling cancer, and you want your positivr attitude to be infectious. everytime you want to say "why me!?!?!" and are about to get down on yourself you ha e a choice to make- are you going to let the cancer win, or are you going to say FUCK YOU CANCER, YOURE NOT GETTING ME!" even if only yo yourself it wi be a series of small mental victories to carry you to recovery.

be an advocate- ask the docs and nurses whats going and why, theyre typically very supportive. make sure your diet is in check too- the right foods are the best medicine.

ok off the soapbox. pulling for you interbet stranger. keep your head up, you got this.
4/14/17 10:03 PM
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My dad just finished radiation therapy yesterday and we're all super stoked! Now we just wait to see if it was successful.
4/20/17 7:20 PM
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cancer vaccie progress from dana farber in boston


bahhhssstin. fahkin bahstin kid!
4/20/17 7:25 PM
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^ I applied to an immunotherapy lab in Dana Farber last week, those bastards better call me!

4/21/17 9:34 PM
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Dana is great.

Talked to them 2x today. Wife is in treatment, and they treated my daughter years ago. We help out families in pediatric treatment.

Boston guys, come to our race on Sunday! Money goes to many dana Farber pediatric oncology families. Braintree, MA. Shit load of girls, beer, music, all good stuff.

4/24/17 10:30 AM
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ttt for choadler! hope the event went well!!
4/25/17 5:06 PM
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microbiologynerd - ttt for choadler! hope the event went well!!
Awesome. 4500 runners. I have to admit, I am fucking beat right now. Lot of work.
4/27/17 11:30 AM
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nanoparticle vaccine progress


fuck you cancer
5/1/17 4:29 PM
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dear cancer: fuck you.


azn mbns
5/4/17 11:36 AM
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hahvahd and mit mbns swinging for the fences


frat: p53 is the tumor suppressor gene, and p53 mutations are prominent in many cancers. in generating p53 mutations in stem cells, these mbns can map out how different cancers evolve, then fucking fix it.
5/4/17 12:00 PM
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Fuck the c.

5/4/17 12:40 PM
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Happy to say that yesterday they declared my wife in remission. Stage 4 breast, 2+ yrs treatment.

She had chemo up front, but not much and not for long. She was rapidly transitioned to antibodies, and responded incredibly well. Amazing to me that she has been close to 2 yrs without chemo.

She will remain in antibody treatment indefinitely, as we know cancer will rapidly return if treatment is stopped. It's only an infusion every 3 weeks. Quality of life is completely normal.

I'm hopeful that time will be our friend here. There are treatments that sound incredible, but they are down the line. Hoping we get to that point in time.

Hey cancer, go fuck your mother.
5/4/17 2:25 PM
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choadler pm me your email. have some stuff you'll want to see on breast cancer and herceptin
5/4/17 2:40 PM
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you csn has male
5/4/17 2:51 PM
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Interesting. My girlfriend will probably get cancer one day. Both of her grandmothers and one grandfather died of it. I usually don't trust cancer news because it fails to pan out after the big "eureka" announcement, but coming from our resident "science guy" gives this a bit more credibility. I'll have to look into this.
5/4/17 3:11 PM
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My dad got diagnosed with bone cancer.
More or less 6 months to live.
Yeah fuck cancer.
5/4/17 3:17 PM
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A cure can't come soon enough...