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5/4/17 3:33 PM
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choadler - Happy to say that yesterday they declared my wife in remission. Stage 4 breast, 2+ yrs treatment.

She had chemo up front, but not much and not for long. She was rapidly transitioned to antibodies, and responded incredibly well. Amazing to me that she has been close to 2 yrs without chemo.

She will remain in antibody treatment indefinitely, as we know cancer will rapidly return if treatment is stopped. It's only an infusion every 3 weeks. Quality of life is completely normal.

I'm hopeful that time will be our friend here. There are treatments that sound incredible, but they are down the line. Hoping we get to that point in time.

Hey cancer, go fuck your mother.
Glad you hear things are starting to look up for you and the wife. Stay strong brother!
5/8/17 2:04 PM
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more nanoparticle advances against breast cancer

5/9/17 2:27 PM
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math > cancer


fuck you cancer
5/9/17 3:10 PM
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5/9/17 10:22 PM
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microbiologynerd - math > cancer


fuck you cancer
MBN, I'll be in touch. College fairs today. He has a few yrs to figure it out, but he is looking.

Where do you put the MA state schools, WPI, and MIT? I know #1, but the others I wonder about.
5/10/17 1:34 AM
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if he can go to mit, do it.

then id rank as follows

1. umass amherst- flagship campus, has tons of $$ flowing to it
2. wpi (very close 2nd)
3. umass lowell (dont go here, lowell is a shithole)
4. umass dartmouth (dono much about it honestly
4a. umass boston- commuter school from what little i know
5. any of the state colleges i honestly dono much about
5/12/17 2:39 AM
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more insight gained in cancer pathways and regulation of cell prloferation


fuck you cancer
5/12/17 7:56 PM
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microbiologynerd - ^

if he can go to mit, do it.

then id rank as follows

1. umass amherst- flagship campus, has tons of $$ flowing to it
2. wpi (very close 2nd)
3. umass lowell (dont go here, lowell is a shithole)
4. umass dartmouth (dono much about it honestly
4a. umass boston- commuter school from what little i know
5. any of the state colleges i honestly dono much about
MBN, I'm listening.

Not sure if he could do MIT, but we will look. Longshot.

Amherst is prob our #1. Big school, he can go away, and can get home if needed. It is also affordable. I suspect this is our route.

Amherst is 105k w room and board. WPI is about 270k. That is for undergrad only, both prior to any merit scholarships. Would be nice if he could plug a B.S. from Amherst for 60k region. Masters would have to be after.

Fuck cancer. Took care of 6 cancer patients today, all in varying states. It sucked. I'm a cardiology guy. I've had my own battles (my family, not me) w cancer. Tough to take care of them for me, mentally.
5/15/17 3:18 PM
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i say choose umass amherst- maybe he can also fix this fucking app for kirik while hes there!
5/15/17 3:19 PM
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from a $$ perspective, id choose it too.

also- www.curematch.com : using supercomputers and genetic profiling to determine best possible combination of anti-cancer drugs. these guys are literally up the road from me, may go have a look.

fuck you cancer.
5/15/17 3:39 PM
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Came here to say Fuck Cancer, go CRSPR, and Phils BBQ in San Marcos has the best damn beef ribs i ever had.
5/15/17 4:07 PM
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phils is the tits!!

still cant beat bubs bbq in amherst ma though
5/15/17 4:17 PM
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Nitecrawler - 

As Dougie used to say "Cancer don't surf". 

I STILL say it.

Cancer don't surf and I love the smell of chemo in the morning, it smells like victory...

So far this year I have 1) volunteered for a charity to help build a room in a woman's shelter that was setting up a room for a terminally ill cancer patient who wants the room to go to someone who is fighting cancer after she passes, 2) volunteered for a funraiser for an organization that puts on a running event that raises money to put defibrillators in public places because I wanted to make sure that the shelter will have the defib for the cancer room, and 3) my personal fave, sat my monkey ass in a mall for 8 hours selling items to raise money for an organization that provides support for people fighting cancer.

Cancer don't surf and I told cancer this sh*t ain't over until I say it's over and I am not done with it yet.

Edited: 5/15/17 4:33 PM
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I am going to be cancer's worst f*cking nightmare because I'm going to be that guy that no matter how many times you knock me down, I'm going to get up and keep coming at cancer, swinging.

It's been 13 years since it decided to walk into my life unwelcomed and I have come to enjoy the hatred I feel towards it and the pain it dishes out because it makes it that much sweeter every time a penny goes towards fighting it. Every time someone beats it. Every time people get together and refuse to let it break us as human beings apart.

So yeah, cancer don't surf.

I'm gonna teach it how to Dougie...

5/18/17 12:55 AM
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It'll Take an Army to Kill the Emperor


5/30/17 5:52 PM
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using viruses to mark cancer cells to be killed by immune system


fuck you cancer
6/2/17 3:09 PM
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chemistry nerds at rice univ say fuck you cancer

6/24/17 1:10 AM
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numbers don't lie. fuck you cancer, especially in kids.

6/24/17 2:56 AM
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Fuck you, you son of a bitch cancer, you fucking fuck. We will kill you one day.

6/27/17 7:20 PM
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bulldogs say "fuck you cancer"

6/27/17 8:00 PM
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Having been in healthcare caring for cancer patients for 10 years and then recently diagnosed with melanoma, i agree fuck cancer.
6/27/17 10:08 PM
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Hoping CRISPR makes a difference. Fuck you cancer. Fuck you.
6/27/17 10:11 PM
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Think I told you MBN, but forget.

My wife is in remission right now. She can carry on, help us raise our kids for the forseeable future. Chrystalize (sp?) that shit and quality of life will be even better for those patients. Doing God's work brother.

P.s., think my son finished top 3 on class this semester. Might take you up on that call someday soon. Cheers to you and your work. Quit fucking around w cheerios!
6/28/17 12:56 AM
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yay choadler!!

hit me up on fb (or find the nearest rest stop on 93 south) to get my cell number
6/29/17 8:57 PM
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I know remission for her disease is a smoke show, but it's one we will gladly take for obvious reasons. The longer the kids can have their mother, especially the 2 year old, the better.

It's amazing to me that she was diagnosed at the same time as 2 of her friends, and the other 2 responded to nothing. Relatively treatable (not cureable at stage 4) type of cancer. The other 2 are long gone.

MBN, quit fucking around. Cure this shit, will you?!? Enough already!

Love the thought of the chrystalization process. Would be a big quality of life improvement, not to mention the financial implications.