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9/3/17 6:12 PM
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OK, I understand your reasoning. Seems logical, but not assured. Depends on the results of the clinical trials. But hopefully you're instinct is right - you were right about the other CAR approval.
9/3/17 7:04 PM
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Clinical trials for DLBCL are finished, with positive results.  Trust me, it's coming and it's coming soon ;)


All the info on it can be found on the Kite website.

9/3/17 7:05 PM
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but hopefully it doesn't get to the point where CAR T-cells are needed!

9/3/17 10:24 PM
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Thx for the info, McBott. I will sleep well tonight! And yeah, hopefully it never gets to that point, but it's incredibly reassuring to know that CAR therapy could be an option if needed.
9/8/17 9:38 AM
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metastatix melanoma can fuck right off

9/11/17 12:31 PM
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cemiplimab gets breakthrough status and says fuck you skin cancer

9/12/17 12:39 PM
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pen detects cancer in 10 seconds

9/14/17 9:49 AM
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fuck off aggressive pancreatic and lung cancer

9/18/17 11:13 AM
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first anti-cancer biosimilar approved

9/18/17 1:20 PM
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Microbio nerd,

Thanks for the updates. I'm a science junkie and of course a fan of beating up cancer!

i would hang out with you anytime. Cheers

9/20/17 11:32 AM
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azn mbns fuck colorectal cancer right in the ass

9/22/17 9:31 AM
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local mbns take on elusive head and neck cancer, giving it the old right there fred!

9/23/17 4:03 PM
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VERY happy to say that our charity was able to get a family travel to CAR-T therapy in Philly.

It is potential life saving therapy for an 8 year old that is pretty much out of any other option. It came at a perfect time to potentially save this kid.
9/24/17 10:47 AM
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Awesome Choadler. It must feel like a miracle for the family.
9/27/17 9:38 AM
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attn: blood cancer and solid tumors

re: prepare to fuck off

cc: car-t therapy

9/28/17 9:57 AM
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attn: colorectal cancer

re: prepare to get f'd in the a

9/28/17 10:12 AM
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microbiologynerd - attn: blood cancer and solid tumors

re: prepare to fuck off

cc: car-t therapy

And solid tumors? Praying for some more breast tumor receptor markers.

Like I said earlier, the check to a family going to CAR-T therapy was probably my favorite check from our organization.

Hey cancer, go fuck your mom!
9/29/17 10:01 AM
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pasting "eat me" signs on cancer cells. juvenile, but effective.

9/29/17 10:02 AM
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scottish mbns have some good news

10/5/17 12:58 AM
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very sorry to hear that poleeko. need to vent?
10/5/17 4:14 AM
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microbiologynerd - ^ what dougie said. nothing is being kept a secret, and the favebook moms grouo doesnt have the cure either.

cancer is no joke, maybe its easier to buy into tje conspiracy theroy angles, i dont know.

what i do know is that there are tens of thousands of mbns (far smarter than i) working on this, and we will find effective treatments and cures.


back to the pool

Smarter than you? Oh thank God

Lol kidding

Fuck cancer.... when you get it down on the floor give it a kick in memory of my dad (RIP)
10/5/17 6:37 PM
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this is a sucky situation to be in poleeko.  it sounds like you're doing everything you can to be supportive of your firend and his family. 

fwiw laughter seems to help, if only for a short while. please feel free to reach out if needed. 

10/5/17 10:50 PM
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Thoughts w your friend, poleeko. It sucks bad. Not right.40's too young.
10/6/17 12:38 AM
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its a strange position to be in, or maybe one we all prefer to avoid thinking about since one day we all will die. 

as choadler said, 40s is too young. you should take solace in knowing that he knew you and your wife were there. 

you're a strong man to do what you did. 

you can vent here if you want, and while we wont have all the answers, we will have dirty jokes and boobs to share. 

10/6/17 7:38 AM
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Poleeko - 

Spent from noon until around 7 with him today. Non responsive since Monday. He kind of did something when he heard the voice of my wife and I by breathing quicker (went from 4 a minute to almost 13). 

His mom is by far the strongest person I have ever met. She hasn’t left the hospital since Sunday. 


Watching my friend gasp for air due to an involuntary response and knowing he is dead is really fucking me up right now. 

I sat and looked at the reply to post box for five minutes trying to think of what to say....but there are no words

I don't know you....personally or by reputation..and this won't change anything or help in any way....but I'll be thinking about you and your friend all day today...I wish there were more that I could do...I'd do it man...

fuck cancer....kick its ass all you mbn's who are way smarter than a simple guy like me....do it phaggots