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8/14/19 12:46 AM
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I didnt have any moment of obvious injury, but all of the sudden out of nowhere I started to get a sharp almost tearing pain in the outside back of my shoulder when doing the following:  if I bend my arm at a 90 degree angle with my hand pointing up(as if I was doing an external rotation) and then move my elbow towards the center line of my body. If i try to deadlift with a supinated grip on the affected arm, but a pronated grip does not cause pain. If I try to hang from a pullup bar or do a lat pulldown. If I try to do a row where my elbow is tucked in near to my body and/or my grip is supinated, but I get no pain if I use a pronated grip and flare my elbow out away from my body while rowing.


No aching or pain at rest. I know it's not my vaginitis flaring up, so any ideas what it could be? 

8/14/19 6:29 AM
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Sorry to hear that. Most commong shoulder injuries:

• Rotator Cuff Tears. ...
• Shoulder impingement/Rotator Cuff Tendinitis. ...
• Dislocated Shoulder/Shoulder Instability. ...?• SLAP Tear. ...
• Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis) ...
• Shoulder Arthritis (Shoulder Osteoarthritis)

Go get an MRI if you have insurance, bro. Don't keep trying to rehab serious shoulder issues yourself.

What did you do recently that may have injured it. Think back. Helping a friend move a body at midnight? Unloading bags of brown H in the desert? Sawing off a body part?

Well, anything you don't normally do.

Sounds to me like a labrum tear.

The labrum is a piece of fibrocartilage (rubbery tissue) attached to the rim of the shoulder socket that helps keep the ball of the joint in place. When this cartilage is torn, it is called a labral tear. Labral tears may result from injury, or sometimes as part of the aging process.

8/14/19 8:22 PM
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I honestly have no idea what could have done it. I didnt even work out for the 2 days prior to when it just started hurting out of the blue. Literally never had any pain or discomfort whatsoever before.  The weird thing is that today it feels better, again for no apparent reason. I feel like it would hurt again if I tried to lift though, so I'm just avoiding anything that irritates it for a week or so before trying again.

8/14/19 8:36 PM
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Try jerking off with your other hand for a week. If the pain goes away, you've been jerking at a weird angle and your shoulder is now compromised.

After about a month of jerking with other hand, I would suggest switching to jerking with 2 hands at the same time, and having the phone centered, that will bring symmetry to your motion.

Lastly I would suggest looking up Evie Olson, to start your rehab.


8/15/19 12:17 AM
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8/15/19 9:19 AM
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probably shoulder out of place/sore rotator cuff. try hanging should fix it.

8/15/19 10:15 AM
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Wild guess is it's an impingement. Those usually occur from repetition and overcompensating. That's more likely if you can't point to one single incident that fucked you up. Check your posture. Pull your shoulders back and make sure you're not slouching or shrugging at random times throughout the day

8/15/19 11:16 AM
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8/15/19 11:18 AM
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SalaciousCrumb - 

Could be a hiatal hernia in your diaphragm. They cause ghost shoulder pain because the nerves are all connected.

While technically that's not wrong, that causes a different kind of pain - it's radiating pain, IOW, you feel it from the source up to the neck and shoulder to a degree. It wouldn't be similar to pain when you move the shoulder, or could press on the area and feel it.

But without an MRI which is expensive, you don't know.


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any clicking or ticking feel when walking and your arm is rocking back and forth?


you did say back outside of shoulder right?

8/15/19 11:23 AM
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if so wondering if it's a hill-sachs lesion possibly

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Pretjah -

any clicking or ticking feel when walking and your arm is rocking back and forth?


you did say back outside of shoulder right?

Nope. I think the better description of the location is almost back of my armpit


Also, I can barbell overhead press with no pain whatsoever. I'm thinking maybe it's my lat or some other back muscle attachement up there by the shoulder.

8/15/19 5:28 PM
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It's scapulary, a little known shoulder injury often misdiagnosed as bursitis or a rotator injury is scapulary misalignment with a tinge of low T.  


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