OtherGround Forums Do you tip on "pick up" orders in restaurants now?

10/18/20 1:52 AM
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normally 5% , during this pandemic 10% 

mostly because I want them to stay open. 

10/18/20 1:58 AM
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Joey_Bello -

Fuck no, how is this even a question?

Because news outlets and people are posting info saying to do it. I find it strange and felt the need to ask the OG

10/18/20 2:27 AM
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Fuck naw!

10/18/20 4:13 AM
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I am tipping on takeout. Restaurants are having a hard time and I want to give them a little extra. 

10/18/20 5:04 AM
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Yes. I waited and bartended in college and we had two go orders we had to get ready as well. 

Also, with Covid going on they can use some help.

10/18/20 5:19 AM
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TFK_shampoohorn -

No. Hell no. And shame on you all for trying to make this a thing.  This tipping culture really needs to go away. 

Enjoy your $27 cheeseburger.

10/18/20 5:23 AM
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Always. Pre covid too. 

10/18/20 5:25 AM
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20-25% tip is fucking bullshit.
10/18/20 6:20 AM
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donkypunch55 -
TFK_shampoohorn -

No. Hell no. And shame on you all for trying to make this a thing.  This tipping culture really needs to go away. 

Enjoy your $27 cheeseburger.

If culvers dares to add a tip line I'll never go back.

I get why waiters/waitresses get tipped. I've worked restaurants early on. But you are just overpaying in hopes the staff looks at you cheerfully for 2 seconds.  No one works for minimum wage anymore outside of waitresses who rely on those tips and they don't really exist in most places due to pandemic.

You are tipping a guy making around $12 an hour for nothing and making it normal for us all to overpay. Stop that shit. 

10/18/20 6:23 AM
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Normally I don't tip for takeout ....

Last Saturday my oven died so I couldn't cook  turkey (Canada Thanksgiving).Someone told me about a turkey dinner take out a local restaurant was having.Order was placed ... I picked it up last Monday....Portion size was massive and just as good as Mom would make.....After dinner I drove back and tipped them $50.00 I was told the money was going to kitchen staff..and they deserved it.

10/18/20 6:26 AM
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I tipped a dollar to 10% on takeout pre-pandemic, dependent on the situation, unless somebody went well out of their way to make me not.

10/18/20 7:23 AM
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I'd like to know who started this tipping is obligatory now? Tipping is supposed to be based on quality of service, not just because you feel guilty or be shamed for not doing so.

10/18/20 7:32 AM
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usually 10% for food but went to DQ last night and even they had a tip option when paying and went no.

10/18/20 7:53 AM
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Nope I still don't tip on takeout.  All they did was cook it!?!?

10/18/20 8:01 AM
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Yeah I always tip

10/18/20 8:13 AM
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BruteDion -

I been seeing this pic going around to tell the masses to tip on takeout.

It seems like tipping percentages are always creeping upwards. When I was a kid it was 10%. When I was in high school it was 15%. Most of my adult life it was 15% - 20%. Now they're saying 20% - 25%? I can't wait till I'm an old man tipping a buck and strutting out with my cane like a boss

10/18/20 8:17 AM
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Always have always will

10/18/20 8:24 AM
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Dine in 20-25% lmao. Poor service 0-10, good 15, great 18-20.


I usually tip $1-2 when I pick food up. That’s pretty good for the 2 minutes they spend writing my order down and handing it to me.


I delivered food for a minute. That needs to be 15-25% considering the wear and tear in your car.

10/18/20 11:22 AM
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$1 - $2 max.

over it.

Edited: 10/18/20 11:43 AM
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I tipped at the normal sit down rate when takeout was the only real option.  I live where we've been back to normal for quite some time now so it hasn't been a factor for a bit here.

10/18/20 12:11 PM
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I get takeout pretty much exclusively from local places where I know the owner. I always tip on takeout now. The restaurant biz is always brutal, but now it's like Justin Gaethje.

10/18/20 1:03 PM
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I have always said that tipping practices in the USA is a weird combo of shame and bragging at the same time.

It's hard for people outside the USA to understand because it's so built into your system and been that way for a long time.
10/18/20 1:41 PM
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Whenever I eat at a restaurant, if the service is good, I'll just dump my wallet on the table. If the service is bad, I still dump my wallet on the table but I give the waitstaff a really passive aggressive "Thanks for everything." on the way out. Like I say thanks, and that's what people hear, but its not what I mean.
10/18/20 1:48 PM
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pressure workers to advocate for normalcy 

10/18/20 1:56 PM
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Only if that takeout chicks got it goin on kno what I’m sayin?