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4 days ago
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I just have so little time to post on this forum these days, I might take a break from posting. But I wanted to let you guys know one last thing.

That is, go ALL IN TOMORROW on the market, to the extent you didn't go all in today. I told you guys there was going to be at least one more bleed day, and that was today. And what a glorious bleed day it was.

Exactly how and when you go all in is up to you. But this might be a good way to approach it generally:

1. If tomorrow opens on ANYTHING other than a huge (say 1%+) uptick, go ALL IN, IMMEDIATELY.

2. If it instead opens hugely, I would take you all-in money, divide it by say any number from 4 to 6, and invest that in equal increments during the day. There is likely to be MUCH volatility to come, and this will prevent massive whip-saw in the short run which could hurt one's feelings, but still catch the massive long-term upswing.

If I don't talk to you guys again, I wish you the best of luck. May this tip bring you great riches.
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How's your aquarium doing? 

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The OG is probably 4 guys with 1000 accts each 

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I like you but don’t call me dum dum 


im only one dum!!

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Junnk -

The OG is probably 4 guys with 1000 accts each 

Maybe I'm just not paying enough attention anymore, but I swear this new "homoslice" account didn't post during the new jinx's account (waaaaaaaaaay too short) timeout. Probably not a coincidence. 

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Hummmmm. Maybe this isn't your gig, have you tried looking into being a pool cleaner? you're great at cleaning aquariums 

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