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8/14/19 10:54 PM
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In Europe, maximum speed was like 30 miles per hour for this kind of bike, it is what kids starting age 16 are driving with. They sell the bikes with a ring attached in the exhaust, limiting the bikes capabilities, fuck that. I changed the engine and exhaust so it was a super light wheelie machine. A little rocket or so I thought. To top it off, I painted my lights green, my plan was to never stop for the police anyway, they would confisate it and fines and shit. One night I got chased by a police car, he was so close behind me as I was going full speed. The siren blaring in my ears while and his lights where adding to the intensity.

I gunned for the park where I thought I would lose him, since it was around 2AM the park was empty so I drove on the path for pedestrians and this motherfucker was behind me the whole way, right up until I managed to squeeze through some bushes onto another path, then back onto the mainroad. When I got home, a good thirty minutes later, I was still shaking from the adrenaline.

Another time, I went to buy weed in Holland, as I came back I was driving on the path for bicycles and I saw this postman standing in the distance. As I got closer he morphed into a police man. He put his arm in my way, trying to block the path but I just kept on going, that was less exciting but I was paranoid af during the long road home.

8/15/19 12:17 AM
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Haha!  This week!  

I’m borrowing my buddies pick-up.  It has expired tags.  

I exit the highway and make a left.  A cop is at the light I just turned left at.  He goes when his light turns green and I can see he going to be behind me.  I immediately pull over at an unbelievably conveniently placed yard sale.

The cop passes the yard sale and pulls over.  Maybe 100 feet past me.

I imagine he’s waiting for me to get back in the truck.

After a few minutes, he pulls quickly away and makes a right at the next street.  

I would bet dollars to donuts that he was going around the block to get behind me.

As soon as he makes his right, I ghost the old woman I’m talking to and sprint to the truck.  I flip a bitch and make MY first right.  I make another right and now I’m running parallel to the main road I was just on, heading for home.

i pulled up in front of my house laughing and shaking.

Haha, man I’m in my 40’s.  I haven’t run from the cops in 20 years.

8/15/19 8:25 PM
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One time in my 20s i was on a busy daytime street in middle of night and rolled over a blazer. It wasnt a second after we got out a cop car came up with flashing lights. We ran in differwnt directions and they ran for a bit. I never jumped so many fences and knew everyone has dogs. 

Got away until they called my aunt asking why her blazer was left upside down. Went to just turn myself and bad record in. Last second dad tells me wait in the car ill be right back. He told the cops he did it because he was pist it was parked in driveway behind his truck.

they kept calling him to turn himself in after that and he would just tell them im at my business come and pick me up

8/15/19 9:07 PM
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When I was 19 my room mate just got a year old gsxr 750 from the local coke dealer for cheap who used to run from the cops on it. He kept getting lit up so decided to get rid of it. It was red instead of white or blue so stood out. 


I was riding it a few days after he bought it and didn’t have my license and the bike wasn’t tagged yet, but had insurance. I passed a cop, and as soon as I passed he slammed on the brakes and hit his lights. It was night and lit up everything around me. I knew immediately who he thought I was. Rather than stopping amd dealing with that shit, I said fuck it and dropped two gears and pinned it. I flew by my house and down a side road, into a new neighborhood and into a garage of a house being built and closed the door.


I had multiple calls and texts from my room mate. I explained what happened and he said he was on the porch and heard me screaming down the road and thought I was going on a speed run, until the cop passed......a good 30 seconds later. I never looked at the speedo but he said I was easily doing 120 when I passed. Again this was super late on a country road and literally no one else was on it. 


My roomie garaged the bike until we could take it to the used bike shop and he traded it in on the same bike but in black. That bike ended up getting stolen twice and not recovered the second time. He has shitty luck with bikes.