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11 days ago
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anthonyMI -

"Those who were against statues being removed by mob rule couldn’t “protest” separately without being Nazis"

Ok, who were the people protesting separately from Unite the Right on that day?

They were “individuals”, as you described them... Come now, child; you’re going to have to come to grips that your questions are irrelevant at some point. Or keep lying to yourself.

8 days ago
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More white supremacist terrorism:


When members of a white supremacist street-fighting gang caught charges for their participation in a deadly riot, fellow travelers on the website Gab had a suggestion: Doxx the U.S. officials involved in the case, or maybe just kill them.
A newly unsealed search warrant application from October 2018 reveals that feds were interested in threats made to federal law enforcement on the extremist-friendly social network. The threats concerned a Department of Justice official, a U.S. attorney, a prosecutor, and others involved in a federal case against members of the white supremacist Rise Above Movement. Months earlier, one of the Gab users involved had also helped doxx a blogger, attracting attention from another user who would later be accused of massacring worshippers in a Pittsburgh synagogue.
“Feds arrest four of our guys?” Bagwell wrote in one Gab post included in the search warrant application. “And what are we going to do about it? The real question to ask is, how many federal agents do we have to kill before the rest of them quit doing that?”
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You lost already. You should begin to cope with it now. It is for the best for your mental health. 

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A white supremacist street fighting gang?

4 of them?

My god the madness!!!!

Tard Larry at it again.
8 days ago
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I think it should go without saying but for CL, the screen name checks out. When women are this crazy they're sure to be terrific lays because they are so damn crazy. A2M, 3 ways, snort coke off her ass, whatever.

When men are this crazy it is just sad, pathetic really. There's nothing redeeming about it. You have my pity Crazy Larry.