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10/11/19 8:49 PM
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He shot him out of spite, not fear. He'd been pushed down too many times as a wimpy kid.

10/11/19 9:02 PM
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Just sent Allison dick pics. When I get my 3some, I'll be back with video

10/11/19 9:03 PM
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Asshole shoved the wrong nut case and now he's dead. Fuck'em both.

10/11/19 9:58 PM
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Shugum -

Asshole shoved the wrong nut case and now he's dead. Fuck'em both.

One is dead and now the other can suck dicks in prison. Fuck em indeed

10/12/19 6:08 AM
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Appeal time.

10/12/19 8:05 AM
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LMAO @ the other thread - 'it was only 1 or 2 guys' defending the murderer.

Yeah right.

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RenatoCocopreta - Good shoot.

The law disagreed.

He wasn't even arrested, the police thought it was open and shut self defense, bolstered by SYG. But we live in a country where politics and media can sway the justice system as we see happened here.

Nah.  He shot a guy that was retreating.  Case closed.

He had no duty to recognize a retreat that he did not perceive. The law has to consider HIS perspective under SYG.

Luckily for everyone involved, the justice system disagrees with you and with his bullshit narrative. 


If the law was applied with your logic, anyone could just argue that they "percieved" something the exact opposite of what factual video evidence shows, and walk away scott free from a homicide. 

The narrative is that a poor dumb white cracker got railroaded and couldn't afford the dream team to defend him.

I didn't speak to what your troll narrative was. Sorry. 


He also had the NRA and Florida Republican officials backing him. Justice prevailed. 

10/12/19 10:59 AM
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jpm995 -
Tubarao -

why bring a gun to tell someone they are illegally parked??

Possible he carried a gun for self defense and happened to get in an argument?

No. Read the last few pages. He had a storied history of starting confrontations over handicapped spots, and brandishing his gun in those confrontations. 


He is scum. 

10/12/19 3:55 PM
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rowersmooch -

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10/12/19 6:18 PM
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He maybe had a chance when people assumed he was like 85 years old. But actually seeing him up close, yeah, the correct call was made.

10/12/19 9:11 PM
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Americans are such pussies 

10/12/19 9:33 PM
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BigPhillip - 

Americans are such pussies 

10/14/19 4:46 AM
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The law worked, and the murderer got 20 years. 

This is a very simple case with a very simple outcome. 


Then, there are a few dim lightbulbs that have a hard time to grasp this. But yeah, the country has a problem with mental health, it's no secret.