OtherGround Forums Gal Gadot Right Now, What Do You Honestly Do?

6/18/19 11:32 AM
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A squat rack and a buffet

6/18/19 11:34 AM
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Soup Nazi -

Cut her face out this pic you wouln't know if its her back or front.

6/18/19 12:22 PM
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I concede she has a Flat ass, but she may also be the most beautiful woman in Hollywood 

6/18/19 12:33 PM
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She is TOUGH!!

6/18/19 12:35 PM
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I saw her at the Green Mill in Chicago last winter.

She is taller than I thought, was dressed casually and acconmpanied by an older guy who looked a relative (Uncle maybe?).

I prefer more curvaceous ladies, but godsdamn she was STUNNING - one of those people that make you feel ugly standing in the room with her.

6/18/19 12:37 PM
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9/10 would bang

6/18/19 1:29 PM
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Lol at any of you aholes turning her down because she's too thin or that you're not happy with her ass

6/18/19 2:43 PM
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I was pissed when she was cast as wonder women.......but she crushed it.

Too thin for my taste but not kicking her out the bed

6/18/19 2:46 PM
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Beg her to poop on me.

6/18/19 2:48 PM
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Learn the Torah. 

6/18/19 2:49 PM
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Soul Gravy - Beg her to poop on me.

...........no pee?

6/18/19 2:50 PM
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scrapdo -

Learn the Torah. 

I'd Torah a new asshole.

6/18/19 2:54 PM
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6/18/19 2:55 PM
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6/18/19 3:05 PM
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She just needs some curves and she would be really hot.

6/18/19 5:44 PM
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Soup Nazi -

She wanted or already got the Pine dick 

6/18/19 6:27 PM
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6/18/19 6:51 PM
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Stare until we are both uncomfortable.   

6/18/19 7:08 PM
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Rambo John J -

pick up

carry to a bed


feed some food and then back to bed


rinse repeat

This. She's obviously hot, but would be hotter a little thicker.  Apologies to the latent homosexuals who prefer their women to look like 12 year old boys. And hey, if you like boys, that's fine, but they should at least look like they're of age.

I actually found it funny when they cast her as Wonder Woman, who is supposed to he an Amazon woman. Nothing Amazon about her.

6/18/19 7:18 PM
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Slouse -

She's no Linda Carter.


6/18/19 7:19 PM
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Some of you would take her out to dinner rather than fuck her?

6/18/19 8:13 PM
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Since she is rich famous and snooty, she would never even talk to me so... 

6/18/19 8:13 PM
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Slouse -

She's no Linda Carter.


But Ellen Rocche is

6/18/19 9:09 PM
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Kid Salami -

Easily one of the most beautiful women on this planet.  I still laugh when I think about when she was first cast as WW and people on this site were super pissed off and saying they should have cast Ronda Rousey instead

I believe it was Alexandra Daddario, & I still think she fit the suit better even though Gal made that shitshow watchable.

6/18/19 9:18 PM
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I believe she was pregnant during wonder woman.