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6/18/19 8:13 PM
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Slouse -

She's no Linda Carter.


But Ellen Rocche is

6/18/19 9:09 PM
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Kid Salami -

Easily one of the most beautiful women on this planet.  I still laugh when I think about when she was first cast as WW and people on this site were super pissed off and saying they should have cast Ronda Rousey instead

I believe it was Alexandra Daddario, & I still think she fit the suit better even though Gal made that shitshow watchable.

6/18/19 9:18 PM
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I believe she was pregnant during wonder woman. 


6/18/19 9:22 PM
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Soup Nazi -

She makes taylor swift look like jennifer Lopez.

6/18/19 9:24 PM
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6/18/19 9:25 PM
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6/18/19 9:54 PM
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6/18/19 10:14 PM
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I would put all of my strength and determination into giving her the best sex of her life.

I know I couldn't keep her.  But I would want her to remember me.


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She's pretty but she has no ass

6/18/19 10:37 PM
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6/18/19 11:00 PM
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Yomarashi - 
Soup Nazi -

She wanted or already got the Pine dick 

This is why that one OGer paid to fuck Abella Danger. That's her porn doppleganger.
6/19/19 3:26 AM
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Gotta agree. She is insanely beautiful, from her neck up. 

Her body has no sexappeal, stick insects just aren't sexy. 


That's why, when dressed, she's a gorgeous woman. The bad parts are mostly hidden. 

6/19/19 3:46 AM
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She obviously is gorgeous but her personality is amazing also and that is rare with celebs.

6/19/19 5:33 AM
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That would be a brush shot for me. She is super fine.

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She is just very feminine and lady like.  I bet she don't burp in public or wear her pajamas to the supermarket.  Her voice helps.  It also sounds very feminine, kind and understanding.  She laughs and smiles a lot.  You rarely hear her being a bitch.  I bet she cooks too.

She puts off this vibe that makes you want to marry the shit out of her.... after you fuck her.

6/19/19 12:39 PM
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too hot 4 me

6/19/19 1:48 PM
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I go bang my girlfriend

6/19/19 10:37 PM
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mikethecricket -

I go bang my girlfriend

I too, would go bang your girlfriend.

6/19/19 11:45 PM
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Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying she isn’t hot

but I can think of 100 hotter chicks and she has zero ass...my 42 y/o Latina gf has 100x better ass than her 

6/19/19 11:58 PM
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TFK_HossPearson -

Squats and steaks. 



shes also a 8 in Israel. Look up “Israeli models.” You’re welcome 

6/19/19 11:59 PM
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LegionariusIV -

Was her add photoshopped out of the pics?

Yes, it was subtracted.

6/20/19 12:27 AM
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What a gorgeous woman! I'd love every cm of her! 

6/20/19 12:38 AM
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JohnJamesUrgayle -

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying she isn’t hot

but I can think of 100 hotter chicks and she has zero ass...my 42 y/o Latina gf has 100x better ass than her 

Yuck.  She's 42 though 

6/20/19 12:47 AM
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Spokesmodel for the diet pills Noassatalls

6/20/19 12:51 AM
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JPro -

Id eat that ass like a toaster strudel

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