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7/10/19 9:37 AM
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Al Cappucino -
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Her kid made her that for Mother's Day

Her kid made her fat?

Kids tend to do that to some Moms.

Gina has no kids and has never married.

Her current boyfriend is the American Muay Thai fighter Kevin Ross.


7/10/19 9:41 AM
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Here's an interview she did in April. Looks good here.


7/10/19 9:43 AM
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Now here's an interview she did in June. Looks terrible, and it's because of her really unflattering dress.


7/10/19 9:46 AM
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Man that is the worst fitting dress I have ever seen. Looks like she's wearing a fat suit under it. 1 of the most beautiful women in the world, and a dress can do that?

And LoL at the comments.

7/10/19 9:48 AM
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April to June? Dang her hair grows like a weed.

7/10/19 9:53 AM
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densefog -

April to June? Dang her hair grows like a weed.

Upon review that interview was done in December but wasn't published until April.

Probably because she talks about The Mandalorian.

7/10/19 9:57 AM
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7/10/19 10:02 AM
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from June Women in Film event.
7/10/19 10:03 AM
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Does she play a cougar in Lion King?

7/10/19 10:05 AM
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RIP Gina Carano

7/10/19 10:06 AM
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Who the hell picked that dress for her? Jesus... Could you find a more unflattering fit and color? Crazy... 

I am no fashion critic...but god damn that is one ugly fucking dress. Holy shit.


Yes, whoever told her to wear that either hates her, is blind, or just a fucking wackjob.

I'm guessing what is underneath is looking even worse.

7/10/19 10:06 AM
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from Gina’s Instagram stories recent
7/10/19 10:10 AM
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camicom -

Dress makes her look enormous, additional pics say otherwise

This. That is one seriously fugly piece of shit dress. 

7/10/19 10:21 AM
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shes fat as fuck

7/10/19 10:45 AM
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Hottest female mma fighter and doesn’t come across like a pain in the ass like some others who will remain nameless. 

7/10/19 11:13 AM
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7/10/19 11:21 AM
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TF happened to her!?!!
7/10/19 11:26 AM
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She was just trying to sneak as much food into the theater as possible.

7/10/19 11:45 AM
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I love her at any weight.
7/10/19 11:48 AM
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TheRoguewrestler - I love her at any weight.

I’ll fight Gina just wont cut weight though. 

7/10/19 11:51 AM
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Is she fat now?  I seriously can’t tell 

Nah, not really. She's not slim, but she's not majorly overweight or anything.

This is from five days ago:


Damn shes looking much better than in Deadpool 2

7/10/19 1:02 PM
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The dresses make her look like Rikkie Lake.

7/10/19 1:04 PM
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7/10/19 1:07 PM
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TequilaYuen -

This is from last month:


Listen, I loved the in-shape Gina as much as the next guy, but she is now fat. To deny it is to be blind or in denial.

Also, if you earnestly judge a woman's body by what she posts on IG, I have a bridge to sell you.

7/10/19 1:16 PM
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She looks like she ate the lion king.....and his pride...