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In screenshots included in court papers, Olsen allegedly cited Waco as justification to "shoot every federal agent on sight."



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Days after mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton rocked the nation, FBI agents raided the home of an Ohio man who allegedly threatened to commit his own massacre. Inside, they found more than a dozen rifles and 10,000 rounds of ammunition, the FBI said.

Justin Olsen, 18, was arrested Monday for allegedly threatening to assault a federal law enforcement officer. He's accused of making the threats on a meme website where he also allegedly discussed shooting Planned Parenthood locations, citing multiple mass murders involving far-right extremists.

Olsen allegedly made the threats on iFunny, a meme-sharing site where he used the name "ArmyOfChrist" and a picture of a medieval crusader as his avatar. (The crusades are a popular theme in some far-right Christian circles.) His account had more than 5,000 followers as of Tuesday morning before it was suspended.

Olsen's arrest comes as federal agencies are facing increased pressure to take action against domestic terror following a series of mass shootings, several of which were connected to ominous posts online. 

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Is that guy 13?


He looks 13

8/13/19 7:46 PM
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That's a man? Kid looks 12

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How does an 18 year old afford 10,000 rounds? I was broke at that age scrounging for beer money.

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Sup with ohio? Is it the whole proctor and gamble devil thibg? Even bone thugs came out of ohio.

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10000 rounds ? Amatuer......

8/13/19 8:09 PM
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I would think it would help to keep a lower profile.

8/13/19 8:16 PM
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20 cartons of Remington .22 - about $350...

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I hope he gets ass raped four times a day in the pokey. 

8/13/19 9:50 PM
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Ill Portents - 

Wow another white conservative ready to gun down a bunch of people???

The last was a democrat...but don't let that stop yeah....fuckin dummy.....

8/13/19 9:53 PM
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Ill Portents -

Wow another white conservative ready to gun down a bunch of people???

yea you are a real piece of shit and fucking stupid to boot