OtherGround Forums Ha! Got Told My Purchasing Preference Is Racist.

6/10/19 4:20 PM
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I was telling a guy at work that I prefer to buy electric motors that are Canadian and American made and not cheaper ones from China or Mexico. My coworker said that I’d better be careful who I tell that to because it’s racist.


I explained that the quality tends to be a lot better and the motors last a lot longer, but that didn’t seem to matter. I also told him I like supporting Canadian made products. That also didn’t seem to jive. 


Thats what that’s I get for talking to coworkers I guess. 

6/10/19 5:05 PM
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Sounds like a dunce that work feller

6/10/19 5:14 PM
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Tell the fuckhead Mexico and China are not races.  They are nations.  These nations have laws that promote bad business practices that result in poorer quality goods being made.  Telling you that is racist is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.  

6/10/19 5:17 PM
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Time to wear an I heart Canada shirt to work 

6/10/19 5:19 PM
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You should have punched him in the vagina.
6/10/19 5:24 PM
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You work with a bunch of window lickers, Travis. 

6/10/19 5:26 PM
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You deserve this for living in Canada.

6/10/19 5:35 PM
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The term racist doesn’t mean what it used too, which I always was taught thinking one race is superior to another. 


Now its thrown around as a term for hurt feelings. 


There is no arguement that some chinese products are extremely cheap and poorly made, its not racist, it’s an observation. People just want shit to be racist. 


Who said that saying racism is made when the supply is less than the demand, people make shit racist

6/10/19 5:38 PM
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Don’t even get me on with the fact that universities are teaching kids that only white people can be racist. Racism isn’t possible with a group of minority. It’s not racism if it’s minority doing it to a group of whites because they are the majority.




white pride = racist 

black pride = not racist 

6/10/19 5:52 PM
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OP is the literal embodiment of white male privlege and detroit muscle car nazism. everyone knows if Hitler could choose any car, it would be a '69 Camaro.

6/10/19 6:30 PM
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Is this guy always stupid or was he just having a bad day?

Edited: 6/10/19 6:40 PM
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Op failed to mention that he thought the chinks and beaners don’t have enough quality control in their factories. 




Lol sorry..........I had to go there 

6/10/19 6:46 PM
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Should have told him you were offended and felt his opinion that your opinion is racist is racist. Could have gotten a good circle jerk going 

6/10/19 8:14 PM
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Virtue signalling and ignorance are usually not far from each other.

6/10/19 8:22 PM
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I had someone at work recently say that making sure that buildings were up to code regarding earthquakes and other structural design / engineering issues was racist. What The Actual Fuck?
6/10/19 8:26 PM
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Your coworker has AOC syndrome 

6/10/19 8:27 PM
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the term is now an old worn out whore, left on the street to wallow in her self-hatred

Edited: 6/10/19 9:14 PM
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Well he may have had a point if it wasn't easily demonstrated and widely accepted that more advanced cultures (speaking strictly from a technology standpoint) who prioritize quality control above initial margin achieve much greater outcomes when it comes to reliability. China makes some pretty impressive and affordable dirt bikes,  performance-wise. On average they underperform only slightly at much lower initial investment, but break down 3x more than a Japanese bike and will blow through the reduced sticker price in 1.5 years of extended maintenance and parts cost (not to mention they just steal the IP's of other manufacturers). Thats just one example. 

That guy sounds like a genuine dumb-dumb.

6/10/19 10:32 PM
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Same guy that goes ‘picking’ with his wife on peoples land?

6/11/19 10:02 AM
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TheChief -

Same guy that goes ‘picking’ with his wife on peoples land?

Different coworker. I don’t  talk to the “picker”. 

6/11/19 10:13 AM
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OP should shit on his co-worker's tools.

6/11/19 10:18 AM
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Captain Canuck -

OP should shit on his co-worker's tools.

I would never mess with another man’s tools (unless he was my friend and I was pranking him). Our tools are our way we make a living. That would be like pooping on an accountant’s keyboard. 

6/11/19 11:15 AM
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Being a white male, I’m constantly told that I’m racist and everything I do is racist.

    However, I’m told this by white ladies that I work with, so I usually don’t listen to them. 


6/11/19 11:18 AM
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Thers a line of black face apparel made by blacks.

6/11/19 11:21 AM
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This is why i don't pay much attention to people who push their point of view on others. Form your own opinions using whatever logic you think works best and be happy with it.