OtherGround Forums Had sex, did facial, almost bled to death.

4/24/19 2:36 PM
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THe doctor told him he needs to stop sucking cock and taking dicks in the ass...
4/24/19 2:50 PM
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Robert Thomas -
Jack Carter - "Usually blood in the semen is benign and resolves on its own."

Odds are you're fine

I ain't gonna lie you get gun shut as far as blowing a loaf, but the show goes on bro...you have to find out.

Ummm, what? Are you having a stoke?

4/24/19 2:55 PM
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Odds are Op jerked off again and didn’t go to the Dr


4/24/19 2:57 PM
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I’m here. Still jerking it everyday. There is less blood everyday so I’m feeling a bit better. I got my urologist appointment in a week to make sure there is nothing wrong with me. Actually some of the stories the posters offered helped me feel better.

Still traumatized though. I told the wife I don’t want sex for a while. And there is no way I’m taking a 100mg viagra anymore. Nope nope nope. I think that stuff made me almost die by penile bleed.