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The Stewed Owl -

1912: Franz Reichelt attempts a Base Jump from the Eiffel Tower and falls to his death.

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1st August 1911: Men sleeping on the sands at Westcliff to escape the nighttime heat during a British heatwave.

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Mug Shot from News Castle, PA Police Department: David Clemons was a steel worker who, on 1 April, 1944, killed his father with an axe because he thought the old man had played an April Fool’s day trick on him by changing the time on his alarm clock. He spent the rest of his life in a hospital for the criminally insane.

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“Momma Ruth,” a seamstress who makes robes for the Ku Klux Klan in the process of taking an robe order for an Imperial Wizard (an officer within the KKK).

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Captain Osman shooting at a tiger from a tree with the aid of straps, India, 1900s

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Mug Shot from News Castle, PA Police Department: Fred Weir was one of the main figures in New Castle’s small-time underworld during prohibition, running speakeasies, gambling joints and brothels. His arrest in November, 1947, for threatening to assault someone who owed him money, may suggest that his influence was on the wane by that time.

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Brigitte Bardot in a pub in London (1968), snapped by a paparazzo.


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Mug Shot from News Castle, PA Police Department: Just minutes after this mug shot was taken, on 30 July, 1951, James Byers—held on a charge of rape—broke out of police headquarters. After running for two blocks, he was captured by a police officer who pursued him on a bicycle.

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Synthetic Street in Seattle, Washington. An entire fake street and park built to camouflage an underground B-17 factory during WWII.

What was going on underneath:

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Mug Shot from News Castle, PA Police Department: Charles Esolda was described in court as having the mind of a child. In May, 1955, his only comment to the police after raising a false fire alarm was, “I don’t know why I did it!” From his mug shot, it appears that he didn’t like the camera’s flash.

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Sign warning soldiers in the South Pacific to take their anti-malaria medication.

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Girls working in cigar factory sweatshop, Tampa, Florida, January 1909:

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Vincent Van Gogh at age 13.

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U.S. Senator Robery Byrd (D - West Virginia, 1959 - 2010): Klansman and Recording Artist.



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U.S. Army Anti-Malaria booklet by Captain Ted Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss.

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Mug Shot from News Castle, PA Police Department: Betty Joan Knight’s mug shot was taken at four in the morning on 27 April, 1959, after she and her drunk friends poured four quarts of oil over the floor of a filling station. She was fined $5.

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“Addie Card, 12 years. Spinner in North Pormal (i.e., Pownal) Cotton Mill. Vt.”, 1910

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Mug Shot from News Castle, PA Police Department: Oakey Jackson was an infamous underworld figure from Cleveland, known across three states as “the flim-flam king”. He was arrested in New Castle in September, 1959, when a police officer observed him attempting to pull the “pigeon drop” confidence trick on an old lady.

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Another photo from the Great British Heat Wave: 1st July 1913: Men cover their heads with newspapers to protect them from the summer sun.

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1904: A German beach photographer plies his trade on Brighton Beach. 

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Mug Shot from News Castle, PA Police Department: yd Hockenberry stole jewellery from his landlady in March, 1956, and was given six to 12 months in jail. Over the next decade, he was regularly given short jail sentences for failure to pay child support for the five children he had by three unlucky women.

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circa 1912: King George V with the day’s kills on a tiger hunt, during his Indian Durbar Tour.

Nepal, 1912, After the hunt, lunch in the jungle, at King George V of England’s table. 

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Mug Shot from News Castle, PA Police Department: Charles Peak was a hot-rod enthusiast with a souped-up car. In March, 1956, he shouted obscenities at police officers in a parked car and sped off, making them chase him. He lost the race and ended up with a $100 fine.