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12/4/19 7:50 AM
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Pedro, there is clearly a double standard at play.  I'll give you an example: You or me try to destroy evidence and see what happens?  (I'm referring to the destruction of phones and forensically wiping the servers, for normal people the judge would rule guilty)

So she's not in jail because she destroyed evidence? 

Wouldn't that be grounds for obstruction or something?

I mean if it was serious, and Trump was chanting Lock Her Up, you would think there would be a push for that.

There's such a thing as political decorum in regards to your defeated opponent

12/4/19 11:33 AM
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Long story short, if a politician I supported was under investigation or about to be under investigation without explanation smashed all their electronic devices with hammers (orcus actually tried to say one time this was standard operating procedure lol), and bleach bitted their harddrives, I would no longer support them.  I would not care whether it was them that did it or their IT guy.  I would not care that they "got away with it" either.   I would say that was sufficient evidence that they were criminally corrupt at worse, or shady as fuck at best.  Those that play into the identity politics though have no problem with things like this because it's about the team, not the politician representing that team.


Way to not answer the fucking question.

Were the e-mails under subpoena before or after the retention schedule change was supposed to be made?

Yes or no.

Intellectually dishonest jackasses can't answer that question with a short answer. They try to ignore the facts in the case and cast blame away from the person who screwed up and put it on someone else. That's you.


Jesus Christ you are such a scumbag. I do not post here to entertain political trolls like you.  I have no absolute knowlege of whether the emails were under subpoena before or after the schedule change and it has absolutely nothing to do with my point. The only report I read was that it was leaked that the subpoena was forthcoming after which they destroyed the devices..  But I suspect you know that and are once again being intellectually dishonest.   You have that reputation here so I have no idea why I'm even responding to another fucking troll..  I do know however that smashing electronic devices with fucking hammers is not protocol.

I won't bother responding because you are known scumbag troll and it's pointless arguing with morons.  

"I have no absolute knowlege of whether the emails were under subpoena before or after the schedule change and it has absolutely nothing to do with my point. "

So basically you're admitting that you are making decisions without actually researching what happened. Thanks.

By the way, that makes you the troll. It also means you're the moron too.

Facts disagree with your assertion. Instead of actually researching them, you doubled down on bullshit. Now you've admitted you're a clueless jackass that doesn't take the time to be informed before forming an opinion. You just think what you want to think, facts be damned.

You're what's wrong with America. Fucking retards that think they read something and aren't willing to actually look at what the facts show.
12/4/19 11:40 AM
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"What would you have said if during the Mueller investigation, Trump and his cabinet smashed all their electronic devices with hammers and bleach bited their hard drives after it was leaked a congressional subpoena was coming?"

And, for the record, your whataboutism with a bullshit deflection to Hillary on page 2 is exactly the point.

You deflected to Hillary by making a false claim about Hillary. The fact that your entire point was based on bullshit makes your point irrelevant.

12/4/19 12:29 PM
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Without reading the whole thread the answer is clearly because she and Bill are politicans. They all get away with crimes that would put most of us in jail. It's not just the Clintons and its not just dems. Its the fact that shes so high up and has been involved with so many shady dealings that makes her stand out.