OtherGround Forums I banged 18 sugar babies in 4 months AMA

10/18/20 1:25 AM
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Just blur their faces out
10/18/20 6:45 AM
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Going with a new strategy where I don't pay. I went out on a date yesterday with a girl from SA. 25 year old polish Bank manager and pretty hot was not able to close the deal! 

Today, went out on a coffee date with a 20 year old Lithuanian girl today( Was pressed for time) but was not able to close the deal. 

I have a hot 21 year old I am supposed to meet on Friday, didn't discuss specifics with her. 

I have about 4 other girls that want FWB with no allowance, am going to try to close at least 2 of them next weekend. These  girls are in their 18-32  but are not that hot. If they want no strings attached sex I will take it however. I could have hooked up with one today but am with kids tonight and took a chance on the hotter Lithuanian. Tomorrow I also have kids and going to wake. 

we will see what happens next weekend! 




Is it possible for some spiteful bastards here to google search the photo and get contact info of the girl and contact them on their social media accounts?  


I've seen people get tracked down with less info than this. Don't do it.

10/18/20 8:54 AM
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Do any of these girls let you take pics or take video of them naked?